Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Your train gets to your destination without any problems and you rush to the ritzy hotel.

After figuring out where the bar is, you look at your watch and see that you got there only one hour later than originally planned. “Not bad…” you say out loud to yourself.

You saunter over to the entrance to the bar in your most manly gait expecting to see your beautiful golden haired goddess sitting lonely at the bar stirring her drink with a finger.

You open the door and go in, scanning for her. What you see makes you stop dead in your tracks.

Rachel is in a glittery red dress with spaghetti straps, a very low cut “V” front that goes down to below her bellybutton the “V” held together by three delicate golden chains. The back is so low and wide you can see the beginning of her asscrack.

Her dress is not the most shocking thing you see. A huge black man in a tightly fitting Polo shirt that shows off his extremely muscular body has his face next to Rachel’s, whispering something in your wife’s ear. His giant hand, which looks more than twice the size of yours, is resting easily on the bare skin of her lower back, covering the entire width of her waist.

The man finishes speaking and there’s just a few inches between their noses. Rachel nods slowly and you can see her lips mouth “yes” as she stares longingly into the man’s eyes. He stares right back and holds her lust-filled gaze, as if he is hypnotizing her.

The black man starts to rub his giant hand up and down her back, rubbing her skin expertly. The contrast of his jet black skin against her pure white skin is very erotic, making your cock twitch and start growing.

A few strokes of his hand on her back and you can actually see Rachel’s face turning a deep crimson, her chest following suit. Then you see her nipples harden and form little tents underneath the delicate fabric of her dress. Rachel has never worn any bras, being born with perfect breasts that never sag. Even after she gave birth to your two boys, breast feeding them for years, her perfect boobs never lost their perky shape, nor did their sensitivity to stimulation lessen.

Many times you have given Rachel orgasms from rubbing her two boobs together and rolling her rock-hard, inch-long nipples.

You look on and realize your faithful wife is obviously getting seduced by this man. But for some reason, you don’t act right away. You should be heading over there to stop what’s going on before it goes any further, but Rachel seemed to be entranced, helpless to do anything about what is going on.

Should you intervene or keep watching to see what will happen?