Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You decide to watch a little longer to see what she mouthed ‘yes’ to, and move a little to the side to be less visible.

You see Rachel turn her bar stool around to face away from the man, showing him the very exposed back of her scintillating dress. The big black man puts his hands on her shoulders and neck, his humongous hands nearly covering your wife’s entire shoulders.

You are hypnotized by the size of the man, and the deep contrast of the man’s purple black skin against the ivory whiteness of your wife’s.

As the man’s obviously powerful hands gently massages her body, Rachel closes her eyes and you can see her skin beginning to flush. The man the moves one hand down to her back, rubbing the bare skin there.

Rachel shudders suddenly, then giggles like a little school girl, lightly hitting the man on his chest and resting her tiny hand on his massive chest. You can see the hand rubbing her back has gone down into the already low cut back of her dress and is touching the top part of her ass cheeks.

Rachel looks up into his face and smiles, staring into his deep brown eyes as the man continues to caress the bare skin of her back and ass cheeks. She makes no move to push him away or make him stop. The man says something, then leans in and touches his cheek to hers. You can see his mouth moving, saying something that makes your wife lean her head back, ruffling her golden hair, and smile sensuously as the man turns his head and places a light kiss on her slender neck.

Rachel’s arm rises up his side, and you fully expect her to push him back or slap him for being so forward. Instead, she begins to caress his side and back in a very sensual way. The visual makes your cock stir, until you realize it’s your own wife this is happening with, and blood surges into your cock faster.

Rachel’s caresses seem to embolden the man and his light kisses on her neck become more serious. He layers your beautiful wife’s neck with a staccato of kisses, quick ones and lingering ones. Kisses that Rachel seems to enjoy more and more as she leans her head to one side to give him better access.

You can’t believe your very conservative, shy, and faithful wife of six years would let a giant black man fondle her and make advances like this.

The black man gently grabs one of her hands and places it on his crotch. Rachel’s eyes pop open wider than you’ve ever seen them and you can almost hear her say, “Is that for real?!?”

The man just nods with a knowing smile as he sweeps her golden hair to the side to resume kissing her neck. But this time he doesn’t stop at the top of her neck. He continues upward, placing kisses on her silky smooth cheek getting closer to her lips with each kiss.

Your wife’s face is flushed and you can see the corner of their lips meet. Then a quarter of their lips, then half… he finally places his lips squarely on Rachel’s lips. The first one is just a peck. The second one lingers for a couple of seconds. The next couple last a few seconds each. A minute into the kissing and you can see them attacking each other with open mouths, tongues dancing inside.

You are watching and realize you haven’t taken a breath in a while when you gasp for air. You take a few deep breaths and return to watching the black man expertly seducing your wife.

They break off the kiss finally and you think to yourself it’s finally over, Rachel has had a bit of erotic and taboo fun, and the giant black man will go away thanking Rachel for all the fun. The man pays for the check but rather than leaving alone, he grabs your wife’s hand and leads her toward the exit of the bar.

They could still be just saying their goodbyes so you step out of sight and watch as they walk out together. But instead of saying goodbye, he wraps his giant arm around her back with his hand on her shoulder while she wraps her arms around his waist and they head toward the elevators. It makes you furious but seeing his bicep is striated in muscles that have muscles, you stand back and don’t do anything.

They step into the elevator and you run to the stairs taking them two at a time and arriving at your room before the elevator. You slip inside and slide into the closet, leaving it ajar slightly so you can watch what happens.