Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Freed...)

“Sorry Babe. I don’t care,” you say casually.

Rachel gasps, and responds with, “B… But Ross! I might get pregnant!”

You grin smugly. “We did your fantasy, now let’s do mine. You’re gonna get gangbanged hon.” You turn at the crowd of boys and yell out, “Now only the best can fuck my girlfriend! I want you to line up, and drop your pants. Only the most hung can screw her! And will someone start recording this?”

A young black boy gets out a camera and sets it on the counter after setting it on video mode.

“Thank you. Okay, take off your clothes!”

It becomes mass chaos as the huge crowd of men attempt to all undress at once. One man starts labeling everyone’s clothes, so everyone can find theirs easier. While all of this occurs your girlfriend sits in shock at your choice. Once it all calms down and they all stand barren of clothes, you go through and pick certain ones, and eliminate others.

“Sir! I want to fuck this tease so badly! Please!” a white man begs you, but you say coldly, “Your pathetic little five inch doesn’t cut it. Grow a pair, a become a real man!” You eliminate several others by this criteria. Eventually you boil it down to fifteen, but that is still too many.

“Okay boys, only five of you can make it through this. How to pick how to pick… One second. All of you are over 18 correct?”

Two shake their heads no, and you say sadly, “Sorry boys, no underaged.”

They nod sadly, filled with despair as they walk out and put on their navy blue intern uniforms.

“Okay. Down to thirteen, we can do this.” You look around, and do another cock size judgment. After a while you get it down to the five most well-hung. A pair of twins, who are around ten inches and thick, identical in every way. Another is a visiting football player, nine and half inches long, and a bit thinner than the twins. A huge black repairman, at twelve inches and a tiny bit thinner than the twins, but thicker than the football player. Finally, a white bodybuilder, at eleven inches and as thick as the repairman.

“Congratulations men, you are the most hung and strong people in the building.”

“So what will you be doing while we fuck her?” the twins ask in unison.

“I’ll be recording this,” you reply. “Also, feel free to leave your phone numbers after this is done. We can do it again sometime.”

You set up the camera, and your girlfriend begs you one more time to not let them do this.

“Sorry Rachel babe,” you say, not feeling one bit of regret. “She’s all yours boys!”

The twins start out by ordering Rachel to give them handjobs. She complies while the repairman saunters up and has her get on her hands and knees.

“Prepare to get doggy-styled you little whore!” He thrusts, not giving Rachel any time to prepare before her ass is ripped open. The football player crawls under and thrusts up into her pussy, moaning, “God she’s so tighttt!” He gropes her while thrusting up, which causes her to moan.

“Shut up you tease,” the bodybuilder says before grinning evilly. “Or how about I clog that pretty little mouth of yours? Huh? Would you like that?” He directs his veiny un-cut penis into her mouth, before full-on face-fucking her, thrusting so fast it’s a blur.

You moan, being seriously turned on by watching your girlfriend being gangbanged by other men. You go up and get a nice angle of the twin’s dicks, and also get a perfect one of the bodybuilder.

Rachel moans like crazy, before cumming all over the football player’s dick. “Yeah cum over me bitch,” he yells.

The repairman shouts, “I’m gonna blow!”

The football player flips your girlfriend around and yells, “Cum in her pussy bro! Let’s knock this little whore up!” The worry comes to her eyes again, but it’s too late. The repairman straddles her and cums, and it seems to be like a long thick rope of it. The twins cum next, aiming and cumming over her in an arc. “Damn that’s cool,” you mutter under your breath.

The football player goes next, pouring it in. Lastly, the bodybuilder cums, leaving Rachel filled to the brim.

“This should keep it all in her”, you say as you pull out a cork. You try to put it in, but her vagina has become so loose that it doesn’t work. You just plug it up with some cardboard, and the guys write their numbers down for you.

“Well babe? How do you feel?” you ask.

Rachel looks at you and grins, “Pretty damn good, Ross. Let’s go home.” You two head home, get her cleaned up and order a pizza. When it arrives you open your front door to behold the twins!

All four of you stand shocked before one of the twins says, “This is our last delivery… Can we um… Come in?”