Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You finally have everything ready. A keg of very cheap beer, a giant bag of cheap pretzels. It’s a good thing your friends are all chipping in for the beer and snacks because you don’t have much left for the month after spending to get ready for this game. But you are expecting to swipe a bunch of dough from Rachel’s boss John. You can imagine yourself counting the cash already…

A few minutes later your girlfriend walks down the stairs in an outfit you haven’t seen before. It’s a near sheer red sparkly dress that has a deep V in the front down to her belly button. The dress flows loosely so from the side anyone can see the top and bottom curve of her perfect boobs. The dress is so low in the back you can see the downward tribal tramp stamp that points to her ass crack.

“Where and when did you get that dress?” you ask, alarmed because it looks very expensive.

“I got it yesterday on the way home. The tag is still on… just tucked in and taped to the inside so you can’t see. I’m planning on returning it tomorrow! Doesn’t it look great on me?” Rachel says and swishes her golden hair as she does a twirl.

“Yeah babe… you’re totally hot!” It’ll really help me distract the guys from concentrating on their game!“ you say excitedly.

“If it’ll help, I’ll walk around serving drinks and snacks to distract them!” Rachel says pursing her lips and blowing your kiss as she pushes her boobs together. You can’t thank god enough for letting you have such an amazingly beautiful and free spirited woman.

Your friends arrive on time and they all whistle at Rachel and her dress. Jamie is the most vocal. “Damn, Ross! Rachel was always super hot but tonight, she’s totally sizzling!”

Rachel says, “Hope you brought your cash boys!”

Jamie says lewdly, “I’ll empty my wallet for a taste!”

You all have a good laugh at Jamie’s good hearted joking, but in your heart you know he means it. He’s been after Rachel ever since you met her in college, always flirting and trying to get her alone.

John arrives shortly afterwards and asks for help. You and the guys go out to his large expensive SUV the trunk of which is filled with cases of beer, liquor and wine, trays of sandwiches, and sides.

“Thought I’d bring some refreshments!” John says as he slaps your shoulder in a friendly way.

You can’t believe how much stuff he brought and from the look of it neither can your friends. But you get everything inside and everyone chows down like they haven’t eaten in a week. Soon all the food is gone except for your pretzels and half the liquor as well. Once the feeding frenzy is over all eyes return to your girlfriend, including her boss.

“Damn Rachel… you’re looking so… so… god damn sexy! Nothing like when you’re at work!” John blurts out. Rachel blushes in embarrassment and thanks John.

You are delighted at the effect your beautiful girlfriend is having on everyone, especially her boss. You’re pretty sure you’re gonna take all their money tonight. The only problem is that like your friends, you’re feeling pretty buzzed from all the expensive liquor you had during your feeding and drinking frenzy but you’re still very confident.

The game starts off and Rachel comes around with drinks lingering next to players who start winning flirting with them until they start losing. Eventually you pretty much have all your friends money and several hundred dollars of John’s. All in, you’ve won more than $1000 tonight. All your friends drop out one by one and start drinking in earnest and are getting pretty drunk. They start heading home until it’s just you, John and Rachel.

You’re about to call the game when John sits up and says, “Ross, since you’ve got that large pile of cash, why don’t you and I take it up a notch?”

“What do you have in mind?” you ask in a drunken drawl. Rachel is standing behind John and is shaking her head no. You ignore her because John has been losing steadily all night and you feel you can take him for more.

John reaches into his pocket and pulls out his money clip unfolding 3K in hundreds. “Let’s play winner take all… you bet your pile of money against mine. Winner takes all.”

You think this guy is a rich fool and you need to teach him a lesson. Rachel is still behind him and is shaking her head even more vehemently no.

“You’re on, John! Deal those cards!” you say, slurring your words.

Rachel’s face droops in disappointment as John deals. As it turns out, John wins the hand and goes for the cash.

“Wait! Double or nothing!” you say.

“Ross… I know you don’t have that kind of cash. What are you gonna bet against the 4K? Why don’t you quit while you’re ahead?” John says.

This fires you up and you blurt out, “If I lose, Rachel will sit on your lap and let you fondle her boobs and ass!”

“Ross!” Rachel calls to you.

“What’s it going to be, John?” you say, ignoring your girlfriend.

He stares at you for a while, looks over at his beautiful employee in her scintillating red dress and looks back at you. “Okay. You’re on!”

You cheat and deal yourself a full house, but somehow John beats you again with a higher full house.

You sit dejected.