Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

John smiles at Rachel. “To be completely honest, I’m relieved it’s you Rachel… I know I said it might be exciting for me to be naked with a strange woman, but I was having some serious doubts about staying and doing the shoot until I saw the female model was you… I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, including my wife…”

Rachel colors. She never expected to hear those words coming out of John’s mouth. She had hoped he had some interest in her even if nothing would ever happen, but to hear that he thought she was the most beautiful woman makes her feel very warm inside. Then she decides to confess her true feeling to him.

“I remember,” she says, “the very first time I sat across from you during our job interview that you were so handsome, and powerful… and that I’d be lucky getting hired… especially because I was seven months pregnant with my second child, my belly was huge!”

John grins. “If you only knew how turned on I was at that interview! Your wavy blonde hair was intoxicating and framed your beautiful face perfectly. The light coming in from the window lit you up like an angel. Your piercing blue eyes seemed to stare directly into my soul… And seeing your belly swollen with life was so amazing and exciting you made my body tingle!”

Rachel can only nod in her excitement at the fact that her boss, the man she’s had a serious crush on for the past three years, thought she was beautiful! “I had no idea John! How did you hide it so well?”

John looks directly into Rachel’s deep blue eyes. “You have no idea how hard it was trying to be professional. The only thing that could top your beauty was your professionalism at work and I wasn’t willing to lose you to my own personal desires. I value you too much!”

Rachel gasps. “Oh John, I’m so sorry. I never knew! I hoped, but never imagined you’d feel the same about me as I did about you!”

John gets serious and brings out his smoldering stare, the one that always makes herr knees weak with desire, “It was very hard for me to pretend, Rachel. Sometimes when I was with my wife I’d pretend it was you!”

Rachel feels a thrill go through her stomach. “Really? I would never have known unless you told me. I’ve also imagined Ross was you in bed…”