Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by 7...)

Black! You stare, feeling a bit numb, as you realize your girlfriend just had three black babies. You briefly contemplate moving your family to somewhere far away, where you’ll never have to explain to your parents why their grandchildren are black. However, as Rachel beams at you, you just figure you’ll tell them they were adopted. Or something.

Three months later, you come home to find your girlfriend left a surprise for you. The kids have a babysitter and there’s a card on the nightstand with a hotel and room number, and a handwritten note which reads, “I’ll be waiting for you.”

When you arrive at the hotel room, Rachel is naked on the bed waiting for you. “Happy anniversary baby,” she says.

“It’s not our anniversary” you reply in confusion.

“Sure it is. Something special happened a year ago.”

You grin as you remember the gang bang, then your smile starts to fade. “Wait, does that mean…”

“Yes! I planned another gang bang, but this year there’s a surprise.” She gives you a kiss, and pulls your pants down. “The room is already wired for video and sound, so you don’t have to worry about holding the camera. Oh, and this year, you get a head start, so I suggest your hurry and start fucking me before all those black guys from last time, and a bunch of their friends that couldn’t make it, get here. Oh, and I took fertility drugs, so….”

You quickly throw Rachel onto her back and begin fucking her. But you’re too late! Just as your about to cum, the door opens and the room is practically flooded with black men.

You jump up off Rachel in surprise, then realize your mistake: you haven’t cum yet, but your extremely fertile girlfriend is wet and horny and now surrounded by rapidly undressing black men.

“Well, if it isn’t the sexy lady we gang banged,” one of the men says. “Did you get pregnant?”

Your girlfriend nods and replies, “Yes, with black triplets!”

The crowd laughs and a few cheer while you try not to look embarrassed.

“We saw your boyfriend gettin’ busy when we came in — he cum in you yet?” the same man asks.

“No, I didn’t,” you reply.

“Too bad man! Looks like you don’t get a chance this time — not like you could compete with this anyways,” he says, gesturing around the room at the dozens of black cocks. He grins at your girlfriend. “You ready to get knocked up in front of your boyfriend again? It’s not every day we get some sexy white pussy, especially in front of her boyfriend.”

No sooner does Rachel nod, when the first couple of men surround her and begin fucking her.

You watch your sexy girlfriend get fucked by a massive black cock, again, and your cock starts getting hard. As the first man announces he’s going to cum, Rachel wraps her ankles behind him and pulls him in tighter. She screams and orgasms as she feels the first spurts of cum hit her cervix. The man pulls out, and is quickly replaced by another, and another man places his cock against your girlfriend’s lips.

Rachel eagerly begins sucking, while the massive cock slams deep into her pussy over and over. You can’t help but start masturbating as you watch her being gang-banged by big black cocks, and she’s clearly loving it.