Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

In one scene, where Rachel is on top of a desk, her legs spread and her calves resting on John’s shoulders, he is supposed to be leaning on his arms, with his hands basically beside Rachel’s hips. Her own hands are behind her, her arms angled to hold herself up.

But before Rachel can bring her legs up Mike calls to her, “Rachel, can you just let your legs dangle off the edge of the desk? I’d like to see if we can make your mons protrude forward like it is about to pounce on John’s cock…”

Rachel nods and lets her legs down to dangle. Her wispy blonde pubic hair is matted down. Mike whispers something to Josephine who comes over to the two models, snakes her hands in between Rachel’s legs and grabs her blonde pubic hairs to puff them up. She grips clumps of her blonde hair and pulls up to spread them out like sunshine. On the pull of the last clump of her blonde pubic hair, Rachel’s body jumps.

Her body shimmies forward a bit and the head of John’s cock punches into her moist pussy slit. Josephine quickly pulls her hands away and Mike snaps away.

“Sorry!” Josephine says to Rachel who is red-faced.

Mike capitalizes on the moment and says, “That’s great Rachel… now raise one leg and put it on John’s shoulder and keep the other one dangling.”

John stands frozen as Rachel lifts her leg and places it on his shoulder. But because of the movement, Rachel’s hips inch forward, making the entire head of John’s cock enter her pussy.

Rachel’s face constricts and her mouth forms an “O” as she makes a moaning sound, “Mmmhhhhh…”

Mike snaps away more than a dozen times before saying, “Okay Rachel, lift up the other leg!”

Rachel moving pushes John’s cock into her a little more. John pulls back breaking the connection.

“Sorry Rachel…” John says.

“It’s okay. It was an accident,” says Rachel, sounding like she is in a daze.

John loses his balance as he tries to get back into position and his sweat-slick hands slide on the desk, and the tip of his plum-sized cock pushes back in again neatly between Rachel’s equally slick and by now swollen labia. His massive cockhead is consumed completely by her swollen pussy lips which are spread so far apart by his thick cock they’ve turned white. This time, a good three inches is pushed into her body from the pressure.

Mike, being ever ready, snaps several pictures.

Then, because John doesn’t have any support, and because Rachel’s legs are up and she can’t do anything about what is happening, as his hands slide on the desk his penis begins to inch into his employee’s pussy.

Rachel takes in a deep breath as John struggles to manage what is going on, but his motion presses four more inches of his cock into Rachel, making her gasp as she can feel her pussy stretched more than ever before in her life, a cock inside her deeper than you ever have. She has at least seven inches of John’s cock inside her, the tip brushing up against the bud of her cervix.

Rachel can feel her tiny but swollen pussy lips and the very strong muscles inside her over-stimulated pussy grip tightly around John’s length and thickness inside her. She can actually feel the rhythmic pulse at the tip of John’s smolderingly-hot cockhead against the entrance to her womb as if it is knocking and asking for permission to come in.

At this moment, John’s only option is to step forward in an attempt to ease the slipping of his hands so he can stand up and pull back. What this actually does is push another three inches of his thick veiny rod into Rachel’s pussy. The additional inches inside her practically slam the head of John’s cock against the tightly closed bud of her cervix. Rachel involuntarily lets out a breath of air as she feels her organ moving inside her body, “Ooophh…”

Had it been anyone but John, she’d have screamed and called for the police. But when she feels her boss’s cock slide into her needy pussy, Rachel can only think to say, “Ohhhh my god, John!”

John puts up a good fight, tightening up his washboard abs, making his body stiff so he will stop sliding, and it is working. Except John’s cockhead is still pressing up against Rachel’s very stimulated cervix, which is starting to open up under the heavy pressure. Rachel can feel her womb opening its gates but can do nothing about it but enjoy the exquisite pain she is receiving from her powerful boss’s massive cock.

A few seconds later John resumes slipping and jolts forward, filling Rachel’s pussy with the remaining four inches of his cock. Rachel now has more than eleven inches of very thick Asian cock inside her body.

They both draw in deep breaths and grunt when John’s massive cockhead and three inches of his shaft punches through into Rachel’s very stimulated uterus.

Rachel can feel John’s heavy testicles resting against her asshole and can feel her pussy muscles involuntarily spasm. She can feel her muscles gripping the long and impossibly thick shaft of John’s penis… It is so thick and stretches her out so much… She can feel every thick vein and ridge along his hot shaft. Rachel can feel her pussy producing more moisture and she can feel her uterus vibrating. It is actually vibrating inside her body!

It is a few seconds before John gets his balance and he steps backward. His cock jerks out of her uterus making her grunt, then slides out of Rachel’s pussy, making a wetly popping sound as it breaks the seal with Rachel’s slick tunnel. There is a thick and hazy string of something that connects the tip of his penis with her now gaping pussy slit.

There is a flash as Mike takes another picture.

Everyone speaks at once.

Mike gasps, “Man that was hot!”

John gulps, “Rachel… I’m… I’m so sorry!”

Rachel says again, “Oh John…”

Josephine says, “Here John!”

They all look at Josephine, who is holding out a towel in one hand. The other hand is covering one of her breasts. It is squeezing and kneading that breast. She realizes what she is doing and jerks the hand away, blushing furiously. “Sorry” she says.

“Um, you okay?” says John.

Rachel looked dazed. “Yeah… I mean you didn’t hurt me or anything… You’re…” She stops herself. She was about to say, “You’re really big and it felt wonderful to feel you inside my womb.”