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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shockwave...)

“How about the yoga pants,” you suggest. Rachel always did look just stunning in them. “Go put them on and meet me in the living room. I’m sure the guys will be happy with my choice.”

You head downstairs and wait for your the doorbell to ring. Right on cue the doorbell rings. You open the door and five guys walk in. Just as you close the door Rachel walks down the stairs in her tight yoga pants. You note that she isn’t wearing a top or a bra, but you guess you didn’t tell her to, so she’s not wrong.

Every guys head turns and looks at her, a couple whistles are let out and one guy pats you on the back and says “Bro, nice slut!”

Your girlfriend walks into the middle of all the guys and gets on her hands and knees, seductively wiggling her ass at them.

In no time at all, all the guys have stripped down to nothing and are fondling Rachel on every piece of skin they can touch. One guy grips her yoga pants and tears them straight off her ass. Now her pussy and bottom are exposed and everyone is naked.

One guy lines up for ass and immediately starts pumping hard and fast. Rachel gasps and start to scream, but it is quickly muffled by another guy shoving his dick deep down her throat. She is now gagging and trying to scream at the same time. It’s quite an amazing sight. Another guy notices that she still has an open hole. He slides underneath her and shoves his dick deep inside her pussy.

All three of the men pump hard and fast, giving your girlfriend the best fuck of her life. She really gets into it as she gyrates on the guys who are fucking her from behind. All three men cum at the same time and pull out of her with sighs of relief. This gives her a brief but much needed break.

It doesn’t last long though, as the last two guys and one of the first guys ram into her again. The guys take turns for over an hour and all seem pretty proud of their work.

They thank you on their way out, leaving Rachel exhausted with a smile on her face and cum leaking out of all her holes.

She looks up at you and says, “That was amazing, but next time, we need more guys!”