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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Oh Rachel… What are you doing to me?” Jovan says, acting overwhelmed. He is in fact very close to cumming. This white woman has stimulated him much more than he’d anticipated, getting him close to blasting her with seed.

Rachel can feel his thick black cock so deep inside herself. She feels her vaginal canal stretching to its max to accommodate the powerful black man’s foot-long cock. She can feel her uterus being pushed back by Jovan’s massive cockhead battering ram. She can feel her other organs being jostled and pushed out of the way to make room.

Jovan’s enormous penis is hurting her inside, but at the same time giving her more pleasure than she’s ever felt before. Rachel becomes incensed by the idea that she has to have even more of this man inside her. She wants to push the entire man inside her body and carry him with her wherever she goes.

Rachel bites her lip then grits her teeth as she uses her toned body to slam her pussy down as hard as she can over and over again on the massive phallus. She is proud to see sweat on Jovan’s purple-black brow, indicating he is being fucked well.

You watch and continue to jerk your insignificant little cock, barely a third of Jovan’s length and less than a quarter of his thickness. Still, you are harder than you’ve ever been, watching your beautiful blonde haired, blue-eyed girlfriend impaled on that behemoth of a black penis. Rachel is getting serious now, rising and falling on him faster and faster, using about half of his length to pound her pussy with.

Rachel’s pussy is gripping his shaft so tightly that more than two inches of her pussy lips gets dragged down out of her body when she rises on his shaft, then they disappear back inside her when she glides down again to impale herself to the hilt.

A few minutes of seeing your girlfriend’s pussy lips being pulled down from her body each time she rises up on Jovan’s cock is all you can take, and you blast your nuts again… Except only a dribble comes out this time even though you orgasm so hard it hurts your balls. You stop jerking and just watch, afraid you will hurt yourself.

Jovan feels his balls pulling tight and he knows what’s coming, but it is much too soon. He has a routine he wants to complete during his conquest of this white woman, during his mission to convert this white bitch to “black cock only.”

Jovan desperately tries to stave off his ejaculation by telling her to stop riding him for a moment. “Rachel, I’m close. Please stop moving for just a moment. I want to last longer with you…” But Rachel rides him even faster. She grunts and grits her teeth, slamming her pussy down hard with each down stroke bringing Jovan to the brink.

Rachel can feel Jovan’s enormous cock swelling and getting even harder than it’s been all night. Rachel knows he will cum soon. She remembers the times when her boyfriend (she can’t seem to remember his name for the life of her right now) was trying to get her pregnant, and knows this is what happens with your very small cock the moment before you fill her with your baby-making seed.

A part of her knows she should not be having sex with this black man. She knows it’s against the teachings of her Catholic upbringing, she knows she is sinning, and she knows if she lets this black man fill her with his sperm she will get pregnant.

Today is her ovulation day and both times she and her boyfriend (what’s his name?) had sex to make her two babies, it was her ovulation day and she got pregnant on that day. Knowing all of this in her mind, she feels helpless to stop her body from trying to squeeze out every last sperm cell from Jovan’s testicles through his penis.

Your eyes are fixated on your girlfriend’s tribal tramp stamp rising and falling faster and faster on this black man, feeling very inadequate. Rachel’s blond hair is matted down on her back between her shoulder blades, sweat from her face and upper body gathering and dripping and sliding down her body onto Jovan’s, her nipples dripping milk on his dark muscular chest.

A moment later, Rachel has a whole-body shaking, shuddering, twitching orgasm where she slams her pussy down hard, her swollen pussy lips mash down on his pelvis, her back arches up, her head leans down. You see Jovan’s balls tighten and almost disappear as the base of his cock pulses powerfully. You can see his cock actually expand each time it pulses. Five, seven, ten, a dozen… fifteen times.

Jovan is grunting and breathing deeply. He can’t believe this little white bitch has him on the ropes. Suddenly she goes into orgasm and her little white cunt… God damn! It grips his shaft so hard it hurts. But the most amazing thing is that he can feel his cockhead pushing into her babymaker! He can actually feel it sliding over his head, and when it snaps into place over his purple helmet, her body spasms like she’s possessed. Jovan can’t help himself as his body betrays him. His testicles pull up into his body, something that has never happened to him before, and his cock actually expands as his sperm-filled seed courses through his shaft and explodes into the bitch. Spurt after spurt flows out of him. More than he’s ever cum with any other woman.

Rachel feels the tip of Jovan’s penis pass through into her womb. It’s like nothing she’s ever felts before and it sets her off into a mind-blowing orgasm. She has an out of body experience. She sees herself lifting out of her body, watching as it receives the black man’s seed… She can see how much she is enjoying being inseminated… Impregnated by the strange black man. She snaps back into her body a minute later as her orgasm winds down.

You watch dumbfounded as your beautiful girlfriend wiggles her hips back and forth as her orgasm subsides, making her tribal tramp stamp look like it’s alive. Her nipples are still dripping milk into the black man’s chest. You stare at the base of Jovan’s cock and see a growing ring or thick white liquid.