Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Epping...)

Slowly tying Rachel to the bed face down on Saturday night you can’t help but get turned on by the thought of Monica seeing her like this. The blindfold is a master stroke and the gag means she can’t talk so Monica will have to touch her just to make sure she’s okay.

The thought of how exposed she will be to her best friend nearly makes you cum instantly but how do you do this and keep your relationship with Rachel?

You look at the clock, it’s nearly 7pm. You whisper in her ear, “I’m going to leave you here for an hour. To let you squirm and think of what I’m going to do to your body when I get back.”

You frantically finger-fuck and lick her exposed pussy to the point of orgasm, but stop just short of making her cum. You raise off the bed at 6.55pm, time to move.

As you leave the house, purposely leaving it unlocked, you hurry to your car as Monica’s car rounds the top of the street.

A few streets away you park up, you are a danger on the roads. All you can think of is Monica finding Rachel lying tied up naked on the bed. 30 minutes pass and you wonder if it’s ok to go back but you push it to 50 minutes before you finally switch the engine back on.

Just as you are about to pull out your phone rings. Monica’s name comes up.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, what is she going to say, deny saying girls night was on, you meant not on, right “Erm, hi Monica, everything okay?”

Monica sounds worried. “Not really, Ross, no.”

It’s okay you think, Rachel will get over it. “What’s the matter?” you ask, innocently.

“I think Ian’s had an accident”

That’s not what you were expecting. “Oh my God, is he okay?”

The panic is rising in her voice, “I spoke to him just before 7 and we only live a few minutes way but they are not back yet and not answering his phone and neither is Rachel. Did he pick her up okay? I’m really worried about them.”

Suddenly it hits you what that means. Ian, Monica’s husband, has been at your house for an hour, alone with your naked, tied up girlfriend.

Without a lie, you reply, “I’m worried too…”