Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Tie her up in the bed, ” you say to John. Face-up, and ass on the edge of the bed, her legs bent at the knee, tied to her thigh so she can’t stretch her legs straight, then the thigh tied by rope to the bottom posts, Rachel is pretty secure.

As John gets busy tying up your well-fucked girlfriend, you pick up the six used condoms, and station yourself at the foot of the bed.

Anticipating taking advantage of Rachel again makes John’s prick grow hard again. You stare for a while, marveling at the monster between John’s legs.

John’s cock is thick and long, with thick raised veins literally pulsing from the blood flowing inside it. The head of his cock is beginning to turn purple and shiny from being over-engorged. John’s giant balls sway gently like a pair of boxer’s punching bags below his pole. It looked like a primitive monster’s cock.

You think about how many times he’s already cum today and have a hard time believing he’s this hard, let alone even able to get it up again…

“Now look down,” you command Rachel.

Rachel lifts her head up to look down, at where John was standing between her tied legs. Her eyes bulge as she notices that this time, John isn’t wearing a condom.

“Ross!” she gasps. “He’s not…”

“Uhuh,” you say. “You said you wanted to thank him… Well, It doesn’t feel nearly as good to a man, when he has to wear a condom. You’ll really show how much you appreciate what he’s done for you, if you let him put it in, just this once, without using a rubber.”

“But Ross!” wails Rachel, “I might get pregnant!”

“John is a nice guy Rachel,” you reply. “I’m sure that if you’ll do this for him, he’ll pull out.”

“After you cum inside her, I hope,” you whisper in John’s ear, before continuing talking to your girlfriend. “Or, we could untie you now, and just go home, if you don’t think he deserves the feel of your tight little pussy against his bare prick. But don’t you think it’s the least you could do for your gentle and kind boss? Wouldn’t it feel amazing to John if you could use your strong tight pussy to squeeze and milk his giant cock to make him cum deep inside you? Don’t you imagine it all the time? Can’t you imagine your belly growing big with his baby? I thought you said you were grateful!”

“Oh Ross… I guess it couldn’t be any safer than with John. And for years, I have often imagined how it would feel for John to push his penis deep inside of me and blast my womb with his seed! He’s been very careful to follow your directions about using the condoms, ” replies Rachel. “I really want him to fuck me bareback but I’m just scared of getting pregnant. I like the idea of us being able to enjoy each other skin to skin… as long as he pulls out and doesn’t cum inside me. We can just pretend John is going to fill me up with his sperm!” She looks down, where John’s unsheathed penis is approaching her increasingly moistening slit.

“Ross! There’s some cum on the head of his penis!” Rachel says.

Sure enough, a big white drop of sperm from John’s previous orgasm inside her is slowly welling out of the hole on the tip of his cock. It gets slightly bigger as John grabs his cock and firmly presses the head, drop of cum and all, into his beautiful and very well fucked employee’s dripping pussy.

“It’s just a drop,” you say, ignoring the fact that by the time John inserts the head of his cock into your girlfriend, the drop of thick white cum is almost a third of an inch in diameter, and threatening to fall off the tip. You also ignore the fact that it would only take one drop, to make your unwitting girlfriend pregnant, no matter how small that drop was.

“But Ross!” says Rachel, then stops protesting.

By now it is too late, as she feels her pussy being stretched and invaded so deeply, John’s cock sliding home in her belly. Eventually his cockhead bumping and pushing at her cervix again sends electric jolts of painful pleasure to her asshole, making it contract tightly, then back up her spine making the blonde hair on both her head and pubic bone stand on end.

You hope John’s cock with the cum on the tip pushes into her uterus, where it belongs. John has barely gotten inside her before his balls tighten and pull up into his groin. He is ready to cum hard and is ready to start squirting baby-juice all over the inside of your girlfriend’s pussy instead of giving her the nice long loving screw she deserves.

You needn’t have worried. Watching John slide his sperm-dripping cock up in her belly must have triggered some primitive desire to reproduce in her. Feeling John’s thick and veiny bare cock sliding in and out, knowing she might get pregnant with her Asian boss’s child, is both a thrill and a terror to your girlfriend.

Also, she is still somewhat excited, and not completely recovered from her earlier orgasm. Rachel begins climaxing uncontrollably, after only a few full strokes, while imagining her belly is big.

It is too much for John. You can tell that having his entire giant cock balls deep inside Rachel’s tight little pussy in orgasm around his now bare and quivering prick, and knowing that your girlfriend actually knows this time that he might be getting her pregnant, while you, her boyfriend try every way you can to sneak more of his baby-juice into her fertile womb without her suspecting, is way too much for his overexcited cock.