Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

They take a short break, and Josephine hands out more towels. While they rest, John’s erection flags. He’s been up for more than an hour, so it isn’t unusual for him to lose his hard-on. Rachel and Josephine both stare at John’s immense semi-hard cock. Even though it isn’t hard, John’s cock hangs between his legs nearly nine inches.

When it is time to resume the poses Josephine stands up and approaches John. “Let me help with that,” she says, a sort of hunger in her voice. “I mean we can’t ask your employee to do this.” She reaches out and gently grasps John’s still very big and meaty, half hard penis. She gives it a tentative squeeze and then sinks to her knees.

Now his cock is right in front of her face. She strokes back, toward his balls and then squeezes and pulls her hand toward her face. As her hand nears the tip she leans forward and puts a wet kiss on the tip of his penis.

John was not prepared for Josephine to do anything like this. When she does, his hard-on comes roaring back. He goes up on tiptoes and is about to shove his dick toward Josephine’s mouth when Rachel’s voice announces, “Okay, he’s hard again.”

Everyone looks at her, where she stands arms crossed below her breasts, her eyes shining like a cobalt flashlight through her squinty lids, a frown on her face.

Josephine says, “Oh… yes,” and stands up. Her hand leaves his cock almost hesitantly.

John stares at Rachel. She is jealous! He smiles. “You’re jealous!” he crows. “Of me and Josephine!”

Rachel’s face becomes crimson in her realization that she is jealous. That confuses her. She has no right to feel that way about her boss.

“I was just pointing it out so we can get moving because it was so hard before…” Rachel blurts out, trying to minimize the damage to her ego.

The humor in her comment is not lost on everyone and they all laugh out loud as one. This reduces Rachel’s anxiety immediately.

Mike says, “Okay, okay, let’s get on with this.” His voice cracks as he says it and they all look at him. It is quite clear there isn’t just one erection in the room.

Josephine stares blatantly at John’s giant hard-on. “Oh my,” she says.