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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Oh shit girl… your pussy is amazing!” Jovan says, shaken out of his carefully constructed innocent personality by the raw sexual energy of Rachel.

Rachel is so worked up and still spasming a bit from her orgasm that she either doesn’t notice the break from his previous character or doesn’t care. “Mmmmhhh… you came so much inside me… I can feel it sloshing around inside my belly, Jovan!”

Regaining some of his wits, Jovan responds to her, “Oh Rachel… it feels so good to have my cum so deep in you. I can feel my cum swirling around the tip of my penis as it presses on your cervix…”

Rachel shudders at the mention of his penis pressing on her cervix. Your eyes gaze down at her still very stretched pussy and can see his cum dripping out of her and running over his now stretched out and relaxed ball sack to drip on the floor. You wonder how long you will have to remain inside the closet, when Rachel lifts her pussy off of Jovan.

You watch in fascination as her pussy lips continue to grip his semi-hard shaft, still being stretched and pulled out of her body nearly an inch. Rachel takes her time and leans forward as she pulls off. Jovan sucks in one of her milk dripping nipples and sucks so hard you can see his cheeks hollow in.

Rachel moans, “Nnnghhhh…” as she pulls forward the last couple inches off of Jovan’s cock. Her pussy remains gaped open nearly an inch as a river of thick white cum rushes out of her to form a pool on Jovan’s abdomen. Jovan switches boobs, the one he was sucking on looking visibly smaller for having just been emptied of its milk supply. After he empties her other boob, Rachel crawls backwards down his body, her ass swaying back and forth, her tramp stamp glaring at you as if it was teasing you. She kneels between his legs and begins to lick and suck on his cock, cleaning it up with her tongue.

“Oh Rachel… your mouth is so good on my penis. You’re making me excited again!” Jovan says as he feels blood rushing back into his shaft again.

Once Rachel is satisfied she has thoroughly cleaned his cock from tip to base, she leans down and sucks up the large pool of Jovan’s cum that she dripped onto his abdomen from her inseminated pussy. Rachel swallows the thick, white, viscous, sperm-filled black man’s cum greedily as if it was the world’s finest delicacy.

You watch as Rachel — who has always abhorred your cum anywhere near her face or mouth and vomited into the toilet whenever it came near her mouth — laps at the strange black man’s cum like ice cream on a hot summer’s day. It makes your cock stir, but your stimulation hurts your lesser cock and you deflate quickly.

You keep watching and you hear Rachel speak to the black man, her lips kissing the tip of his purple-black cock. “Mmmm… Jovan… you taste so good. Your cock is amazing!”

You startle and actually pull your head back when you hear Rachel using the word, “cock.” She gets angry and is a total bitch to you anytime you use any words like dick or pussy, let alone cock!

Jovan hears the incredible white woman, whose tightest little pussy made him lose control, saying his cum tasted “so good.” He can tell she is completely won over and will do anything he says for her to do as long he keeps feeding his cock into her little pussy and filling her up with his black jism.

No longer acting, Jovan says to his conquered white bitch, “Kneel on the ground and lie face down on the bed bitch!”

“Ooh… Jovan… you’re so forceful and commanding!” Rachel squeals as she complies.

Jovan maneuvers around and kneels behind the lilly-white ass he just inseminated. He stares at the toned and muscular back of the most amazing fuck he’s ever had, admiring the smooth and silky skin covering powerful muscles. His eyes rove over her entire body, starting with the back of her head covered in silky blonde hair cut to right below her shoulders splayed out around her head. He next admires her strong shoulder muscles and her toned back muscles. Muscles so toned they form two powerful looking ridges that surround the valley of her spinal cord.

Jovan’s eyes next absorb the intricate design of her downward tapered triangular tribal tramp stamp. The intricate curls of the design look like so many pointy vines, a heart at its center, angling down to her coccyx. Her ass crack is almost the same color as the rest of the skin around it, just a shade darker around her starfish and around her pussy lips.

Leaning down, Jovan comes close to her sex, breathing in the powerful scent of his cum mixed with the heavy musk of her pussy in heat. He doesn’t hesitate and begins to lick and suck out the combined juices from her pussy. Jovan doesn’t mind the taste of his own cum… in fact he enjoys it immensely when it becomes mixed with a white ho’s musky pussy juice. Jovan dives in like a hungry lion, making your girlfriend squeal.

“Aaahhh!” Rachel squeals in a high pitched tone as she feels the black man’s smooth face and lips make contact with her pussy — her pussy that was still dripping with the cum he deposited inside her a few minutes ago. It makes her shudder and go into orgasm. She can feel her body releasing more moisture and she grips the bedsheets tightly with her hands.

You can’t believe the man is actually eating your girlfriend’s pussy filled with his own cum. Disgusting… but Rachel seems to like it as she goes into another one of her massive orgasms. In the middle of her orgasm, Jovan straightens up, places his cock at the entrance to her birth canal and enters her. He pushes and pushes until he is balls-deep inside your girlfriend again. He holds himself there like a statue for a little while before his hips start gyrating.

Rachel feels him enter her from behind, a position she never ever let her boyfriend use (Rachel doesn’t even try remembering his name anymore) because the only one the Catholic Church allows is missionary. But for some reason this taboo position seems right when his cock was all the way inside her. She can feel the tip of his cock pressing hard against the entrance to her womb, prying at and spreading her gateway. She finds she wants more and pushes her ass back at him to increase the pressure, ignoring the increasing pain in favor of wanting more of the pleasure. She almost passes out when Jovan begins thrusting into her, his balls slapping her clit and blonde pubic hair.

Jovan can’t believe this little white woman is pushing back at his cock, intensifying his thrusts. No woman has ever been able to fuck him back like this little white bitch is doing now. Jovan is feeling sensations around his cock like never before and he goes even more out of character.

He usually takes his time fucking them — his seduced and conquered white women. There were hundreds of them over the past several years. Maybe even a thousand. But this little ho… she is different. She is making him feel challenged. From now on all bets are off, he will fuck this woman as hard as he can for as long as he can, and damn the charade. He will treat her like the little white bitch she is.

Rachel feels Jovan’s thrusting getting faster with each stroke. It takes the air out of her lungs, but she’s determined to please her black Adonis. Rachel fucks back as hard as he fucks her and is rewarded with his grunting, a rapid flurry of incredibly fast thrusting, then powerful jets of cum blasting her insides. It triggers her own orgasm and her cervix begins to spasm inside her, pumping the black man’s huge load as fast as it can into her uterus.

You can’t even seem to blink as the black man pumps in and out of your blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty of a girlfriend, who is fucking him back as good as she is getting until the man blasts her insides again with his potent sperm-filled semen.

Jovan is caught by surprise when his cock blasts the woman’s pussy again. For the first time in his life, a woman is able to fuck him into a pure and natural state where he thinks about nothing but the sex, nothing but his cock deep inside this white woman, his cum flowing into her eager pussy. Jovan actually enjoys the sex for the first time in his life.