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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Freed...)

“How about we take this to the kitchen? Our table or counter can work great,” you suggest.

“Sure, let’s go,” Jamie says, a bit too excited.

You three walk to the kitchen while Jamie checks your girlfriend out. “You two are serious right? This isn’t some cruel joke?” he asks nervously.

“Of course not Jamie, now get over here!” Rachel says. He walks over to her and takes his top off, revealing a body-builder body. She rubs his muscles while he brings his pants down, and then he roughly kisses her. He takes clear dominance, and ends the kiss.

Jamie gets her down on her knees and says, “Suck it now.” She complies, and sucks his full eleven and a half inch cock, deep-throating it. He moans, yelling, “Dude this is awesome!”

After awhile you begin to think that this is all Jamie is going to force her to do, when suddenly he pulls out and lays your girlfriend down on the floor before straddling her. He begins softly in her pussy, but goes faster and faster in her. He yells, “Ross, she is squeezing my dick so much! Hey Bro, come over here so I can see how big you are.”

You walk over, taken back by Jamie turning from a shy virgin to a rough stud. You show him your penis, fully hard. He laughs, “No wonder she is so tight! My cock is bigger than your hard one when it’s soft! That explains it.” He then looks down and continues to fuck your quiet girlfriend, who is in bliss.

You are taken aback by Jamie’s insult, but you put it behind you. It’s just a guy thing right? You continue to watch him when you see him begin to cum, but it doesn’t stop him and he keeps going hard. “You just came, how are you still going?” you ask.

He replies smugly, “I can keep going for hours! Also, on my phone’s contact list is my brother. Call him if you want two of us on your girlfriend! Or even better, call a pizza boy! Have him screw Rachel too!”

You think for a second. Rachel is nodding at you, obviously wanting more. Are you okay with just Jamie screwing her? Or do you want more of them? A pizza boy, Jamie’s brother… Maybe both and have your girlfriend get triple-teamed? Which should you do, if any?