Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Mike gets them going again. For another hour they let themselves be bent this way and that. Mike poses them and now Josephine constantly touches John’s meaty cock as she puts them in their positions. She makes no further pretense about it, saying things like “Let’s keep this beauty nice and stiff,” or “Don’t fail me now” while she gives him a quick stroke. Josephine learns quickly she has to use both hands to properly guide John’s thick cock that her hands can barely grip.

They get to a pose where John is on his back on the floor with Rachel squatting over him, obviously about to sink down on his rampant rod. But now John’s massive boner is so hard that it wants to point up, toward his chin. Josephine keeps trying to hold it straight up, toward Rachel’s dripping pussy, but it won’t cooperate.

“You’ll have to hold it yourself” she says to Rachel.

Rachel reaches down and grasps it, but her hands are even smaller than Josephine’s and she ends up groping him for nearly a minute before she gets a good grip of his thick shaft. But she can’t see it and hold her head the way Mike wants it. Then Mike doesn’t like the pose because her arm is in the way.

Finally Rachel, panting and literally dripping sweat from her face says, “Look, what if I just lodge it in there, just enough to hold it where we want it?”

Mike says, “It’s okay with me.”

John says, “Yeah, good idea.”

Josephine says, “Here, I’ll help,” and grasps John’s cock in both of her hands, holding it tightly and aiming it right at Rachel’s moist pussy.

Rachel lets herself down a little, until she feels the tip of John’s cock nose into her pussy mouth. She only meant for just the tip to go in, but she can’t judge it well, and by the time she realizes it, it is half way in her.

Rachel thinks how just half of John’s penis is stretching her out so much and reaching places inside her vagina that you could never go, and she soaks in the erotic feelings.

John groans loudly and Mike flashes a picture. “Hold it right there… don’t move,” he says as he repositions himself for another shot. Rachel tries to stay still, but by now her quads are on fire and she feels herself sag another couple of inches. John’s penis feels so good in her.

Mike circles their joined bodies to get pictures of every angle. This is better than he’d hoped for, and he isn’t going to lack for pictures. He especially loves the several dozen photos of her ass hovering over his body from the back, her elaborate downward triangular tribal tramp stamp with its curling edges and heart in the center.

Rachel can feel her vagina heat up even more and release a musky liquid that flows out of her like a stream, traveling down John’s thick shaft and pooling on his hard abdomen before trickling down his hips to the ground.

Mike’s camera flashes several times.

Rachel’s vagina sinks another two inches and she can feel the tip of his penis touching the entrance to her womb.

“I can’t see… you’re too far down,” says Mike and John groans again as Rachel drags her tightly stretched and clinging pussy upward, stroking his cock nicely. Her pussy lips grip his thick shaft so tightly her lips are pulled down out of her as she raises her body up.

The flash goes off several times.

Rachel rises up until just the head is inside her vagina.

“Great! Hold that position, Rachel!” directs Mike.

There are over a dozen flashes from his camera, “Hold it…” Mike continues to direct. There are more flashes from Mike’s camera as he moves around to get additional angles. Rachel’s quads are shaking now.

“Okay Rachel. You can get off John now…” says Mike, feeling satisfied about the pictures he’s already taken.

But it is too late for Rachel. Her quads have given out and she feels her vagina sliding down on John’s penis until she is fully impaled. She can feel the head of his gigantic penis prying at her cervix, already feeling it is looser than when they started. Mostly from her body getting prepared for procreation, being primed by a gigantic cock so close for more than two hours, but also from the two times his cockhead had bottomed out inside her and punched into her womb.

Flash flash flash, Mike’s camera goes off as Rachel catches her breath. It is hard to concentrate on anything other than the gigantic penis inside her body in this moment.

John and Rachel grunt several times as John’s cock, which is balls-deep inside Rachel’s fertile pussy, prying open her cervix, expands several times as if he is getting ready to cum.

Rachel had felt your penis expand like this each time you came inside her when you were trying to make babies. Rachel squeezes her eyes tightly, hoping John doesn’t fill her with his cum, but also hoping he does. Her vagina unwittingly follows her body’s cues and pulses up and down on John’s deeply embedded shaft, milking him.

It is all John can do to keep himself from cumming, but he stops himself.

“Thanks you two… that was incredible. You can get off John now, Rachel” Mike says.

Rachel slowly pulls her overstimulated pussy off John’s overstimulated cock, and her pussy pulls off with a loud slurping and sucking sound. They take a minute before getting up.