Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel gets to video-chat with you and the kids as often as she wants. The kids are a bit out of sorts, but the time away is explained as an extended business trip. Rachel comes home six weeks later pregnant with John’s baby. The boys are very happy to see her and life essentially returns to normal at your house… nothing is different. Soon everyone forgets about her time away from home.

There are a few things different for you and Rachel though… she and John fuck each other’s brains out every day at work. You know this because Rachel tells you. At first she describes some of the sex, but it soon becomes too time consuming and she stops talking about it.

There are many days — sometimes everyday in a week — when she will come home and the crotch of her pants will be soaked through with John’s cum from front to back. Rachel tells you that John deposits so much cum in her pussy and asshole that she can feel his cum leaking out of her the entire ride home in her car.

Rachel also tells you that there is a permanent cum stain on her driver’s side seat where John’s leaking cum has soaked clear through her pants and into the seat, leaving a white stain several inches wide and nearly a foot long.

On those days when she wears dresses or skirts, she drips cum from her crotch to the floor, leaving droplets of thick white cum all over the floor or it slithers down the inside of her legs and dries there until she takes a shower or bath. Rachel never seems inclined to clean herself up or clean the floor where her pussy drips cum.

You and Rachel tell your boys and the rest of your extended families before her belly started to show, that you decided to have another baby and that she was artificially inseminated with Asian sperm.

Six months into the pregnancy of John’s baby, her belly looks like there is half a basketball in there. John never stops fucking Rachel at the office and keeps fucking her straight through until the day you take her to the hospital. Rachel asks John for a load of his cum after her water breaks so she could have a bit of him with her when she gets to the hospital.

This is a bit fucked up in your mind, but since you made this situation happen, you just can’t make yourself criticize her for it.

Rachel has a very quick and smooth delivery like the first two. Giving birth to a healthy baby boy with Asians features and thick dark hair.

A month later, Rachel is getting fucked daily by John and is pregnant with their second baby by the end of the second month…

The End