Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“You’re a nasty, sneaky, devious man,” John says to you, while Rachel showers in the bathroom. “Trying to get your girlfriend pregnant, without her knowing. Shame on you. I love it. If you weren’t the one who brought her to me for this amazing experience, I’d be trying my best to break the two of you up and take her from you to make her my girlfriend.”

“Well,” you smile back at John. “pretty soon, Rachel’s not going to have much choice about whether she wants a baby or not… is she? Remember back when we came here, I said if you do it right, I’d see that you weren’t disappointed? Well, are you happy?”

“I’m happy,” John says. “I just hope Rachel’s happy too.”

“Oh, don’t worry. She will be. She likes you… a lot, probably even loves you,” you say candidly.

“No way, Ross. You’re kidding!” John says.

“I’m not kidding, John. Most of our conversations at home are about you. The only other thing Rachel might love more than you is babies. She’s always looking at pictures of our kids’ baby pictures over and over again, makes it a point to go see all her friend’s babies and hold them as often as possible. John, you should see the look on her face, when she’s got a drooling little bundle of joy in her arms. I made a mistake getting my balls clipped so I can’t do the job. And my cock is less than half the size of yours. When she approached me with this fantasy thing of hers I saw an opportunity to give Rachel just what she’s been wanting but was too dutiful to tell me. I will bet my life on the fact that if Rachel had an opportunity and permission from me to get knocked up by a man like you, she’d love it. Because I didn’t know if we’d get another chance anytime soon, I just decided to speed things up a little and hopefully give her a little surprise, for Christmas,” you carefully explain.

John counts on his fingers. March 15th, plus nine-months. Close enough.

“You will invite me over to see the baby?” John asks, seriously.

“John, you’re welcome to come over anytime. In fact, once we get my girlfriend knocked up, I’m sure we’re gonna want you over all the time so Rachel can keep fucking you and your giant cock.”

Rachel comes out of the shower looking more beautiful than ever. She has a glow to her that is unmistakable. She has the glow of a person who has been thoroughly fucked all day long.

You look back to see John looking at Rachel’s ass as you take her home.

Two nights later, you and Rachel go back to John’s house. This time, you won’t be leaving. You want to supervise every step of this “lesson,” to be sure that Rachel “got it done right.” John bristles with excitement at the thought of what you really want him to “do right” with your girlfriend.

After you have explained all this, you have John and Rachel get undressed together. Rachel doesn’t object in the slightest. In fact, she seems eager to start round two of her training, her skin beginning to flush.

When she bends over you can see her slit is already glistening with moisture in anticipation of the day’s fucking with John’s huge cock.

You explain to John as he and Rachel finish getting undressed, “John, Rachel and I talked when we got home two days ago. She had such an amazing experience with you the first time, she would love to keep fucking your cock as often as possible. So the invitation stands. Whenever you or Rachel get the itch to fuck, you have my blessings. If you come here… we just need some notice, or it has to be later in the evening because we gotta put our boys to bed. Or she can go to you, which will probably be easier.”

John replies to you, “Wow… Ross… I don’t know what to say… yes… definitely a yes! I would love to fuck your girlfriend as often as possible. Every day, multiple times per day if she will let me!”

Rachel chimes in at this comment from her long time boss, “haha… John… you’re so eager to get your big cock back inside my pussy… I love it. You have an amazing cock, and I love how you train and dominate me. As long as you keep doing that, you can fuck me anytime, anywhere, as many times as you want, everyday, many times a day… this body can be yours to own… just please keep doing what you did last time we did this.”

You open-heartedly talked to both Rachel and John about this, but it still stings your heart to hear her say she pretty much belonged to her boss for the taking whenever, however, and how many times he wants.