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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Freed...)

If Rachel is wanting more, she can have more. “I’ll call both of them,” you say.

“That’s the spirit!” Jamie yells. “My phone password is 2840, my brother’s name is Jake. Ring him up!”

You grab his phone and type in 2840, go to the phone icon and you call Jake.

“What do you want Jamie?”, a voice comes out.

“Actually this is his best friend Ross. We wanted to know if you wanted to come over and fuck my girlfriend with him,” you reply.

After a brief pause Jake responds, “What is your address?”

You tell him your address and he says, “I’ll be right over.” You tell Rachel and Jamie that he is coming. Jamie grunts in reply, fingering your girlfriend’s ass while he thrusts.

You walk over to your refrigerator and call the pizza delivery service.

“Hello? We are just about to close,” the voice over the line says.

“We would like a double meat lovers pizza and a cheese pizza please,” you say, and supply your address.

“It will arrive soon. Thanks for your business,” comes the reply. You hang up and about seven minutes later the doorbell rings. You open it and Jake is there.

“Hey Jake. They are in the kitchen, feel free to go join them.”

He nods and walks to the kitchen stripping, showing the same size cock as Jamie. A minute later the pizza boy arrives. He is black, brown eyed, black haired, taller than you, and more attractive than you. “One cheese and one double meat lovers?” he asks.

“Yeah, and is this your last delivery?”, you ask.

He nods. “Yeah, after this I go home. Why?”

You grin and say, “Want to go bang my girlfriend with two other guys?”

The pizza boy is in and shutting the door after ‘bang my girlfriend’. He walks towards the moaning and sees Jamie, Jake, and Rachel all naked fucking on the floor. “Hell yes!” he exclaims, beginning to strip. He is thicker than Jake and Jamie but not as long as them.

While Rachel sucks Jake off, and Jamie is on top of her, the pizza boy has them roll over so he can get to her ass. He starts to push in saying, “This is so tight! Has anything ever been in here before?”

Rachel stops sucking off Jake to say, “Nope, not my boyfriend, or even a simple hairbrush. You’re my first experience with anything going up it!”

“No wonder you are so freaking tight!” exclaims the pizza boy.

Rachel moans before her mouth is clogged by Jake’s massive cock again. You sit there watching them fuck your girlfriend. Should you join in? Be contented with your view? Your thoughts are disturbed by Rachel’s phone ringing.

You look at the caller ID and think “Shit, why does he have to call now? Of all the times he could possibly call — now?” You look at her brother’s name one more time before answering, “Hey Ben! Rachel is a bit busy right now, what do you need?”

What he says next shocks you.