Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Diesel...)

Rachel gags a bit as you push her head down, her eyes wide as she rolls them up to look at you. “Shhhhhhh…” you whisper, trying not to laugh as she tries to quietly hold your cock in her throat. Gurgling and mumbling sounds escape as she comes up for air. You both gasp as she plunges down again, this time getting the head past her tonsils and into her actual throat. You try your best not to bust a nut right there in her throat.

“Is someone in here?” you here a timid young girl’s voice call out.

“Aaak! Aaag-gawk! Gawk!” says Rachel as you slam her head down again, your pulsing rod throbbing in her mouth.

“Hello? Anyone?” the girl calls out again.

Your girlfriend comes up for air again and makes a quick decision. “In here, come in here!” she calls out. You look to her in a panic but she just smiles up at you. Thick gobs of saliva string from your cock to her lips. Slowly, the door starts to open.

The girl is one of Rachel’s students! A barely-eighteen Latina girl with a tight little ass and beautiful perky mid-sized breasts. “Oh my god!” she calls out as she realizes whats going on. She can’t peel her eyes away from your cock and she doesn’t leave.

“Why don’t you join us?” you invite as Rachel wags your glistening dick in the girl’s direction. She slides into the stall with you both and sinks down to her knees, taking your meat in her hand and licking up the spit that’s dripping off.