Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Shockwave...)

You ask to go tomorrow and Rachel seems really eager. God, tomorrow is going to be amazing!

The next day you’re getting ready to leave when you see Rachel walking down the stairs in an incredibly short plaid skirt and very tight white top. She looks sexy and you can’t wait to get to the school.

The trip there is short but feels like forever. Just looking at your girlfriend you can hardly contain yourself.

You arrive at the school and go into an open classroom. ‘Why didn’t they lock it?’ you wonder, but you quickly forget all about that as Rachel gets up on a desk and opens her legs just wide enough for you to see she’s not wearing any underpants.

You enter full role-play mode and stand up the front behind the teacher’s desk. You look down at her but she speaks up first. “Sir, I was thinking about you and I realized I just needed you, desperately!”

Your get hard, faster than you ever have before. Rachel stands up and walks up to the teacher’s desk. She hops up on it and surrounds you with her legs.

You grab her incredibly tight top and rip it off. Her bare tits jiggle a little from the force and she lets out a little squeal.