Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dagon...)

You look at Ashley’s boobs and decide to try something new. You walk up to her and grab her breast, but you surprise her by putting your dick underneath it. You press her underboob against her ribs and begin to hump her, and the feeling is marvelous.

“Shit, Ross, you’re the first one that ever did this to me. I love it!” says Ashley, enjoying this as well.

You roughly grab her chin and turn her head to look at you. You spit again and again on her face and spread it everywhere. You then slap her hard, making her gasp in pleasure and pain, while she drools heavily on her tits and use a hand to coat them evenly with her saliva.

Not even two minutes later, you can’t hold it anymore and ejaculate all over her underboob. In bliss, you take your dick out and wipe the cum off it on Ashley’s side boob. She lifts her boob up and smears your semen into her skin and nipple before sucking her fingers clean. She stares at you with a look that screams “I want more.”

You see her moving her long, slender legs and jump at them. You take one and lick it wildly, moving from her asscheek right up to her ankle. You kiss her heel, sole and suck on her toes before spitting all over them and massaging her foot. She pinches her nipples and takes one to her mouth to lick it, looking at you sexily from the corner of her eyes, and uses her other foot to rub it against your crotch. Almost instantly, your penis gets hard again.

“Rachel’s mom is just as amazing as her!” you think to yourself. You lick her kneepit one last time and let go of her leg before you start to finger her wet pussy, determined to give her an orgasm that she’ll never forget, and move your head closer to hers to give her a very passionate kiss. As you swap saliva, you can feel her juices squirting out of her as you hit just the right spot, and she almost yells into your mouth, overwhelmed with ecstasy.

After she calms down a bit, you take your fingers out of her and plunge them into her drooling mouth. She doesn’t even act surprised and immediately start sucking them like a hungry whore, covering them with lots of saliva and tasting her own pussy juice. You even push your hand even further, making her gag and drool a lot while you choke her with your other hand.

You finally pull out your hand out your hand out of her mouth after a while. It is utterly wet with Ashley’s spit, and as she tries to catch up her breath, you rub it on her face and smear the saliva everywhere. You then start licking her cheeks like a madman, making her laugh at your enthusiasm.

But suddenly, you hear the door to the patio open. You turn around like lightning, but realize that it’s only Rachel! She looks gorgeous, dressed with a sexy white blouse, a pair of black pants that only enhance her perfect legs and those amazing high heels that shows her beautiful feet. Looking at her smile makes your heart thump harder, and you feel as if all your worries had gone away forever. You also notice several wet spots on her blouse, probably from making out with Monica earlier, and that only makes you even hornier.

“Hi guys! Sorry I’m late!” she says with a hint of embarrassment in her voice.

“Hello Rachel! Don’t worry about a thing, I just had a wonderful time with Ross! We were so excited to see you!” Ashley tells her. She then gets up, completely nude and covered with spit and cum, and goes to her daughter. The two women hug, Rachel not bothered at all about all the fluids on her mother’s body staining her clothes. They then french kiss, sucking on each other’s tongue sloppily.

When they separate their mouth, they are connected by a few strings of saliva. Watching Rachel and her mother kiss like two sluts might be one of the sexiest thing you have ever seen. Ashley then gropes her daughter’s boobs and squeeze them before ripping her blouse open, tearing the precious fabric apart.

“I missed doing this with you, baby” sultrily says Ashley.

“Same, mom” replies Rachel, staring deeply into her eyes.

Ashley kisses her again and spits hard on her face, making Rachel gasp. She also grabs her sexy black lace bra and pulls it down, revealing your girlfriend’s flawless boobs. Ashley then bites on her daughter’s tits like an animal and licks, sucks, and spits on them just as vigorously. While Rachel loudly moans of pleasure, you walk up to her and kiss her like never before. You take what remains of her blouse off her shoulders and caress her back sensually, swapping spit with her before you then move your hand to her ass and squeeze it. You take turn spitting into each other’s mouth while Ashley watches you both, happy to see that her daughter has found someone to love and who loves her back.

You and Ashley then push Rachel to her knees, spitting on her boobs and face. Ashley sits down as well and kisses her neck, then both her and Rachel look at you, eyes filled with lust.

“Well? What should we do to her, Ross?” asks Ashley.