Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Dagon...)

A few weeks later, it’s Halloween! Children, all dressed in various spooky disguises, walk on your street and knock at everyone’s doors. You and Rachel are also giving away candies to kids, but your minds are focused on something else : the big halloween party at Fernanda’s, your Brazilian neighbor. You can see her across the street, also giving sweets to her visitors. She notices you and waves her hand at you and Rachel. You wave back, but you also take a good look at her.

You’ve always thought that Fernanda was sexy, but damn, she looks better than most top models. She’s tall, athletic, but also has these big boobs and that superb ass. You can’t wait to take a closer look, once you’ll be at the party.

Speaking of which, it’s going to be time to get dressed up. You go upstairs with Rachel and strip down to your underwear and start searching through your enormous wardrobe. You take a peek at Rachel’s sexy ass, grin maliciously, and give it a strong slap.

“Hey! There’ll be time for that later!” says Rachel in annoyance, although you can tell she liked it.

“Sorry, sorry! I couldn’t help it,” you say. “Have you looked at Fernanda, earlier? She’s hot as hell.”

“Yeah, she is. I’d like to get my hands on her too, but we barely know each other. I’m actually surprised she decided to invite us tonight,” Rachel remarks.

“Unexpected, sure, but I’m glad she did!” you say.

“Still, I wonder why,” says Rachel. She looks like she is about to say something more, but changes her mind and continues to look into the wardrobe.

As you search through the many clothes you have, Rachel whispers to herself, “Oh my…”

“What?” you ask.

“We have so many costumes! I’ve even wore some of them back in high school!” she says.

She’s right. There are disguises everywhere. A pirate outfit, a vampire’s cape, a clown mask… almost anything you can think of is in there! You know that Rachel actually bought a lot of these costumes, since she loves disguising herself.

“I knew we should have taken the time to look for what we would wear tonight! Instead we just wasted time watching TV and fucking!” she says in discontentment.

“I thought it was time well spent!” you reply.

She sighs, but then looks at you and gets an idea that excites her. “Hey Ross, how about you choose my costume?”


“I’ll wear anything you want tonight! I know I have some outfits that I think you’d enjoy seeing me in…” she asks flirtatiously.

Very interesting! And you already have some ideas of what she should wear, too…