Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

You watch helplessly tied up as the big black man uses your beautiful blonde girlfriend as a live masturbating tool. He has his massive hands wrapped around either side of her hips and is literally pumping her asshole up and down on his steel-hard cock.

“Nugghh! Nuugghh! Yeah bitch! Take this cock in yo ass!” Jovan almost shouts.

“Aaahhhhh!” is all Rachel can utter. Her wispy blonde hair is flopping around and her arms are reaching back and resting on his torso for support, not that she is going anywhere with Jovan gripping her so hard the skin around her hips is turning paper-white.

You can see that in Jovan’s excitement, he isn’t going to last much longer inside your girlfriend’s virgin asshole. He’s fucking her so hard you can see streaks of red along with streaks of brown. You know he’s making her asshole bleed with his long thick cock, and the brown stuff must be her shit juices. He’s literally fucking the shit out of her asshole.

“Yes! This asshole belongs to me! Uuuggghhh!” Jovan shouts at the top of his lungs as he pumps your girlfriend’s bowels full of his jism. A deep and rumbling shout that makes your spine shake.

“Aaaahhhhiiiii!” Rachel screams in pain as her asshole is completely impaled on his foot-long cock. Her whole body is twitching and spasming as she experiences a powerful orgasm from having her insides injected yet again with his cum.

Jovan’s cock pulses over and over again as he empties his balls into your girlfriend. When he’s finished cumming, his grip on her hips relaxes a bit and he lets her lean back into him.

“Oh Jovan… that really hurt me…” Rachel mutters as she struggles to catch her breath.

“You better train that ass to accept it cause I’m gonna fuck it whenever I want from now on. You are my ho, and hos have no say in what happens to their bodies. Understand?” Jovan says with a very aggressive tone and body language.

“Yes Jovan. Anything you want…” Rachel says meekly.

Jovan’s eyes wander to you and gives you a searching stare and on impulse he grips your girlfriend to him tightly, making sure to keep his still mostly hard cock inside her asshole stands up so her legs are dangling in front of her, and walks over to you. He stares at your face for a minute, then using his free hand, tips your chair onto its back so your face is looking at the ceiling. He then stands with his feet on either side of your face.

“Eat my cum out yo dirty girlfriend’s ass, shit-for-brains!” Jovan says. He then lifts your girlfriend off his cock and quickly lowers her gaped asshole over your face. It takes just three seconds for the contents of her bowels to gush out. At first it’s just his thick white cum… a lot of it. It nearly covers your entire face as he moves your girlfriend’s ass around to make sure there is even coverage.

Then a mixture of his cum and her brown shit-smelling juices start to drip out of her still gaped asshole. There is so much liquid it runs over your forehead and into your hair, and overflows into your ears.

Finally, Rachel begins to convulse and just starts shifting on your face. Dollop after dollop of shit just drips out of her like soft serve, covering your eyes and your nose. There is so much you have to open your mouth to avoid suffocation and a large dollop drips into your mouth.

You gag and throw up so violently it spews up into your girlfriend’s asshole and drips back down. The smell is so awful you vomit again.

“Hahaha! That’s some shit I never seen before!” Jovan says as he lifts Rachel up.

“Oh Ross… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shit on your face. I had no control over my asshole honey. He just fucked it out of me!” Rachel says apologetically.

Jovan walks her to the bathroom and you hear the sounds of them in the shower. Jovan must have fucked her again because you hear a lot of grunting until there are two “aaahhhs.”

You see them get out, get dressed and leave the room.