Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sparclebutt...)

You decide that the best course of action is to leave Rachel to her fate. “Have at her boys!”

As the horny men pass you, clapping your shoulders and cheering you on, you stop the last man to enter, a surprisingly well-built middle-aged man, and give him your phone number.

You take a final look at your girlfriend’s betrayed face before the door closes.

You return home and a few hours later you receive a text message containing a video file.

You open it and see that it is a recording of the men fucking your girlfriend. You watch as they gangbang her and fill every single hole of hers with their hot semen. You jerk off to the video and numerous others you receive.

The last video you receive shows the men fucking Rachel in a park before being joined by several homeless men.

She comes home two days later, her clothes torn and cum leaking from every hole she has.

Rachel does not seem to be mad at you. In fact, every day you receive videos of middle-aged office workers fucking your babe. While she does not have sex with you anymore, you find the wank material more than enough. In fact you start inviting her co-workers to fuck your girlfriend in your own bed while you sleep on the couch.

The End