Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

“Are you sure you can handle that?” you stutter, looking at the monster dildo.

Rachel smiles at you. “Oh yes, it fits, it’s not bigger than James,” (that’s her ex). “Here let me show you.”

Rachel picks up the dildo and expertly deep throats it, coating it in spit, before gliding two thirds of it straight up her pussy.

“It’s difficult to walk in this so it will take some doing. I think I need more practice, ” Rachel says removing it, “but this,” she picks up the anal plug, “is fine.”

She leans over and lubes it up before sliding it gracefully up her ass. With a smile she picks up the vibrating panties and slips them on.

“I think this will do for starters, if you are okay?” she says.

You are too shocked to say anything and simply nod.

“I’m going to meet my niece in town. With her being new at Uni and not knowing the city I’m meeting her for a coffee. Why don’t you come and control this?”

Handing you your mobile, an App has been downloaded and opened with a number setting 2-9 showing.

“Be sensible though, a 5 or 6 is enough to give me an orgasm and I’ve never had the guts to do it in public.”

You look at your phone and press 1. Instantly your girlfriend’s legs buckle a bit. “Oh,” she murmurs.

Smiling, you look at her. “Come on then, let’s go and meet Katherine. Are you going alone and me hiding or are we both meeting up with her?”

You knocking the dial up to 2 on your phone.

Rachel moans and stumbles a bit before answering.