Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Erotica...)

“I think we should get Mimi to cheat,” you murmur excitedly, remembering the perfect legs that are revealed due to her tiny little skirt.

“Clearly, Terry only wants her for her beauty, while we want her to spank,” your girlfriend replies, licking her lips.

Soon enough the two of you come across the brown-skinned beauty in a classroom, seeming to be doing her maths homework.

“Hey there, remember me from earlier?” you ask, taking a seat next to her, putting a hand on her perfect left leg.

“Um, yes, wha-what is it?” she stammers, clearly nervous.

“Oh, I just thought I should tell you how pretty you are,” you smile as your hand reaches the bottom of her skirt.

“Ho-how pret-pretty I a-am?”

“Mhm, ” you reply, “In fact…” you grin as you close your lips to the attractive girl. Her eyes pop in shock, but shortly she starts returning the kiss, as your girlfriend is currently unbuttoning her skirt.

You smirk as you tug her yellow panties off and admire her true treasure. Rachel starts kissing those remarkable lips of Mimi’s, as you start licking the real good stuff.

“Mimi?” someone says, knocking on the door.

“And that is how algebra is done,” Rachel says quickly, swiftly putting Mimi’s skirt on the girl.

“And always remember, formulas may seem tricky, but they aren’t scary,” you say, tucking the yellow panties in your pocket.

“Heh,” she giggles, leaving the classroom. Her boyfriend eyes the two of you with a bit of suspicion, before trailing after the beauty.

“When do we get her next?” Rachel asks.