Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Richard...)

“I want more!” you declare.

Your girlfriend grabs her friend’s head again and pushes her head down on to your stiff cock. She moves behind Monica and slips the strap-on into her wet pussy while still pushing her head down onto you and starts to thrust back and forth, forcing Monica deeper and deeper onto your hard penis.

You can feel yourself ready to blow while you’re deep in Monica’s mouth and her groans from getting fucked and choking on you don’t help.

“Please stop!” you shout, thinking to yourself that this is too early to shoot your load into her mouth.

Rachel pulls out and pushes her friend to the side. “Whats wrong, you sissy bitch!” she yells at you. Then she grabs your head and shoves the strap-on into your face. “Now suck and you can taste the wet pussy juice over my hard cock.”

As Rachel thrusts in and out of your mouth you can taste her friend’s juices. The strap-on gets deeper and deeper into your throat and makes you choke.

“Amateur,” she says. “Watch how my friend does it and you might learn.”

Monica crawls over and starts to suck and moves down the shaft till the whole thing is in her mouth and goes back up and down again.

“See how it’s done now, Ross?” your girlfriend asks, grabbing your hair. “Try again!”

The cock enters your mouth again so you begin to suck. Suddenly Monica grabs your head and pushes you further down. “Remember how I did it, all the way to the bottom.”

Still holding your head, Monica pushes down even more. You can now feel the cock touching the back of your throat, making you gag again, and then your head is lifted for a few seconds only to be slammed back down again.

The two start to giggle, obviously enjoying this, but not giving you any breathing space or able to talk. Then you’re pulled off and pushed away. Monica lies back with legs open and Rachel says, “Now do something you’re good at and eat her pussy.”