Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Heatmyzer...)

You encourage your girlfriend to live out her fantasy. She plans a girls’ night out with her friend that lives in the ghetto. She and her girlfriend are going to an open stage night at a seedy strip club.

You take Rachel and her girlfriend to the ghetto club, which is an hour and a half train ride back to your home. She racks up over two grand in cash at amateur night with her girlfriend. You take the money she made from grinding strangers dicks all night and give her the clothes she is to wear for her train ride home.

Her costume is next to nothing. An almost sheer white school-girl-esque crop top with no bra barely wraps around her perky D-cup breasts. You know as soon as she puts on the top her pink, sensitive, thimble size nipples and silver-dollar areolas will be visible through the fabric. If she moves too quickly she runs the risk of falling out of her skimpy top. A simple short black tennis skirt with a black garter belt, thigh-high pantyhose and a crotchless white thong do little to hide her shapely lower half. A black choker and black glasses both with built in cameras and her three inch black stripper boots complete her outfit. You give her a tiny yellow rain coat as it is pouring outside. This should keep her lewd body covered until she is ready to expose herself.

You did some research and found that the last train car that leaves at 1 AM from the hood is a known train car for gropers, rapists and girls looking to get molested. You inform Rachel as much and tell her to wait at the strip club for an hour so you have time to drop off her friend and get home to hack into the train’s video feed so you can record all of the action.

Rachel comes out of the bathroom in her super sexy outfit and orders another drink at the bar. She is by far the hottest girl at the club. She stands at only 5 foot, 4 inches with porcelain skin, a toned athletic body and naturally slutty, perky D-cup breasts. Her long orange hair is done in a single braid that reaches to her lower back just above her tight bubble-butt. Being half Irish and half Korean she looks white with Asian features. If looks could kill she would be a death ray.