Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Fueled by your desire to let the world know how gay you are, you carefully crafted and sent emails and physical letters, and posted to all of your social media accounts about your love of Marvin’s wonderful cock. A cock you have been loving every day for the last six weeks.

Rachel takes it well and says, “It’s your life. You should do with it what you feel is right. And I’ll do with mine what I feel is right for me.” Whatever that means, you think.

Your world rocks with the divided responses from your family, friends, acquaintances, and work mates. Some ridicule you, some don’t respond at all, and some support you. A few go out of their way to block your social media accounts and officially disinvite you from their social events.

The one that hurt you the most is your best friend Jamie. He actually came over to your house and punched you in the face, then spray-painted on your lawn in bright orange colors the word, “fag.” You had expected your life-long friend to support you through your transition from being a man who fucked women to a man who loved men. The physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional pain you feel at the loss of your best friend.

You call Marvin to come over tomorrow and he ignores your calls, text messages, and emails. You get desperate and drive to his house and knock on his door. His wife answers the door and recognizes you instantly.

“You’re the asshole who’s been saying my husband is gay and has been fucking your asshole everyday for the last six weeks!” she shouts, slaps your cheek very hard and calls Marvin.

He comes to the door and says, “Motherfucker! Get the fuck outta here!” Then punches you impossibly hard. You actually fall backwards and tumble backwards onto your stomach. When you regain consciousness, Marvin is hauling you up and slamming you against your truck. His wfe is in the doorway cheering him on. “Fuck him up babe! He can’t get away with what he’s done!”

Marvin leans in so only you can hear. “Stupid asshole just couldn’t leave well enough alone and enjoy a good thing huh?” Then he punches you so hard in your gut you throw up all over his lawn. Marvin follows that gut shot with a blow to the back of your head and lights go out.

You wake up inside your truck in an abandoned parking lot in a seedy part of town. Your car is all fucked up… it looks like someone took a bat to the entire outside. Defeated and exhausted, you barely make it home and crawl into your house.