Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“So do you remember you asked about the black actors and their scenes?” Mark asks Rachel and John.

“Scenes?” Rachel asks getting alarmed “I thought it was just one?”

“Well, I had planned to have just one, but we need to keep escalating and making each sex scene more intense and explicit, to ensure the audience knows what a total slut you are, Rachel. So I’m changing two of the second half sex scenes to ones with multiple black men for one, and multiple black men and John for the last. Any problem with that?” Mark asks, not really wanting a no answer from Rachel.

“Uhhhmmm… I guess so?” Rachel says reluctantly, not really wanting to say yes to having a bunch of random black men fuck her over and over again.

“Good! I knew you’d say yes so I had called in a bunch of black men to join us for today. Come on in guys!” Mark says out loud.

Twenty very large black men walk in completely naked and Rachel could see they all have penises that look just as big, if not bigger, than John’s

“Yo! That bitch is smokin!” one of the black men says out loud.

“Yeah man… we’re gonna have a lot of fun fuckin’ the shit outta that ho!” another one says.

Rachel looks at Mark, then up at John who seem okay with what was going on. Not feeling she had any choice and feeling the new black men won’t be very careful with her, Rachel trembles at what this new phase of her sexual journey might do to her. She does reassure herself that she is already pregnant with John’s baby and that no matter what happens she can be the mother of his child.

“Alright guys. Here’s the next scene… it’s gonna be similar to the first scene with the two black guys, but this time, there’s gonna be six, and Rachel won’t be rescued by John’s character. Places everyone!” Mark describes and instructs.

As the first six black men get on stage one of them turns to ask Mark, “so we can still do whatever we want with this ho?”

“Yup… just improvise. You just can’t hurt her, and if you do a good job, this could be a regular gig for all you guys. We have a couple months of rehearsals during which we will be running through these scenes each time,” Mark says callously.

“Anything we want as long as we don’t hurt her? So we can cum wherever we want?” another guy asks, his cock growing huge.

“Yes, yes, anywhere you want. now let’s get this scene started!” Mark says dismissively.

Rachel shudders at the thought, but gets into her starting spot as instructed.

“Action!” Mark shouts.