Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel showed up for the next rehearsal, got fucked in every orifice for five to six hours, filled up with cum (mostly deep inside her pussy) and went home with her pussy and her asshole so swollen it looked prolapsed, and her jaw feeling like she was sucker punched… but over the next three weeks, it got a little better each day especially in the last two weeks of rehearsals because they rehearsed every day.

The worst thing for Rachel was having to go to her home and not have John’s wonderful cock and sperm inside her body until the next day. Although she couldn’t tell from looking at her tightly-toned body, she could feel John’s baby growing inside her and would caress her flat belly, looking forward to when it would start to get bigger.

Rachel began to bring a cooler bag with her to rehearsals so she could save some of John’s semen to bring home. She would collect a few ounces each day and periodically taste it, rub it into her pussy and asshole and massage it into her skin. This made her feel better.

Rachel really put herself into the acting and by the start of the fourth week of rehearsals, she didn’t feel the need to take the handful of pain killers to numb her body in preparation for being fucked for five hours.

Mark had told everyone they were aiming for the play to be not more than four hours long, but they just couldn’t fit in all of the sex scenes and the non-sex scenes in less than five and still have things turn out the way they wanted… so they just kept it that way.

Rachel told John that she and you had broken up, so John began to stay over Rachel’s house a couple times per week. John actually told his wife the truth… that he had been fucking his beautiful blonde employee and had impregnated her after fucking her nearly fifteen hundred times.

Surprisingly, she wasn’t angry with John or Rachel… instead, she was relieved that another woman would share the burden of having to keep her husband’s sexual appetite satisfied and thanked Rachel.

Rachel and John drove to her home the first night he stayed over, with John in the driver’s seat with the seat pulled all the way back, the backrest halfway down. Rachel’s pussy was embedded on his huge pole, the tip of his cock pressing up on the hard pebble like nub of her plugged cervical opening.

Clipping the seat belt over Rachel’s lap, it looked like she was the only one in the drivers seat. When she put on her shirt, it was difficult to tell that John was massaging her perfect boobs in his hands as she drove them to her home. It was an hour drive and John came inside her six times. Rachel slowed down when she had orgasms, but had to pull over three times for the bigger ones.

By the time they reached Rachel’s home, there was a sizable pool of thick white cum on her leather seat and a bunch that slithered over the side and formed a pool between their legs in the floor of the vehicle. The entire inside of the car smelled like John’s cum and Rachel’s musky pussy.

When John was over at Rachel’s they would keep his cock in her pussy all night long no matter what they were doing… the only time she let John out of her amazing pussy was when either of them had to go to the bathroom. Every other moment he was with her, Rachel made sure John’s cock was embedded deep inside her pussy or asshole. He didn’t need to pump in and out of her… although they did have sex a dozen times each night.

Most of the time, he just kept his hard cock deep inside her body, periodically cumming. John didn’t have to do anything to have an orgasm inside Rachel because her magical pussy massaged and literally pulled on John’s cock all night long, keeping him hard and drawing the cum into her body from deep inside his balls.

Rachel and John even designed and created a sex harness so they could stay joined together without having to consciously hold onto each other. They mostly used it when they went to bed, wanting to stay joined by cock and pussy while they slept. Rachel and John discovered during the first six weeks of fucking that Rachel’s pussy continued to massage and milk John’s cock even while she slept, and that he would fill her with cum about once every thirty minutes.

The show was a huge success even though a women’s group protested the vile and disgusting play with a picket line every night it was on. Every seat in the theater was packed every night it was on. It was mostly men at first, but they started bringing wives, girlfriends, and their love affairs to the show. The couples started to have sex, mimicking the best they could what was being done to Rachel on stage.

Some of the couples invited other men and couples to join them, creating their own orgies in the audience. Many of the audience members came back to see the play over and over again.

By the last two weeks of the play, the theater was filled with almost all of the audience members having sex while watching Rachel John, and a constant rotation of about fifty different very well-endowed black men fucking on stage. The whole theater looked and smelled like a giant orgy with men cumming and women spraying their musky juices everywhere.

Locally, there was a huge spike in pregnancies that coincided with the four week run of the play. It was a mystery to the local health officials.