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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sparclebutt...)

“Well, well. What do we have here?” You see a rather short, fat man in his fifties walk into the room. His official clothing meaning that he is most likely a teacher.

You start to panic as he pulls out his phone.

“I could call the cops and have you arrested, —”

You panic even more.

“- or you can let me fuck that slut of yours and I’ll let it slide.”

You look into Rachel’s eyes and she nods uncertainly.

“Fine. Go ahead,” you say begrudgingly.

The man takes off his pants, revealing his eight-inch-long cock and hairy balls. He immediately shoves his dick into your girlfriend’s mouth. Her eyes fill with tears from the smell, but nonetheless she starts bobbing her up and down on his man meat. Soon he grabs her hair and shoves himself so deep down her throat that her nose is buried in his smelly pubic hair. He holds her like that for up to two minutes, until she starts shaking from a lack of air.

As he pulls out, Rachel falls back onto the desk, crying and gagging. He doesn’t give her time to rest as he pulls her panties off and positions himself at her assholes entrance.

“Please! Not the ass!”

“Listen girly, either I fuck you in the ass, or I get to unload my baby gravy inside of you as much as I want. And I’ve got a lot of loads ready for that tight little pussy of yours.”

Rachel looks towards you for help.

What do you do? Do you let this old man fuck your girlfriend’s untouched ass? Or do let his cum inside of her pussy to his heart’s content? Seriously, how potent could his cum be at his old age?