Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

Rachel leans forward and reaches under to play with herself as Jamie thrusts from behind. You watch her face as she brings her fingers to her mouth. It is obvious that there is cum leaking from her and covering her fingers.

She looks puzzled and tastes her fingers. “Oh my God! That’s cum, ” she half whispers to you, still riding Jamie’s cock. “Has your condom come off?” she says, looking at you but speaking to Jamie.

“No,” he replies, “It must be Dave’s.”

Rachel looks at you. “Are… are you okay with that?”

Dave comes back into the room. “Dave your condom must have split or something I have your cum in me.”

Dave smiles at your girlfriend and then you. “Sorry about that, but I suppose the damage is done. It’s a bit pointless wearing one on my next go. Is that okay?”

Rachel is still moving in time with Jamie’s thrusts, “I’m not on birth control, but it’s already inside of me. Ross, Ross are you okay? Do I need to stop?”

Jamie and Dave look at you.

“No, I suppose he’s right, there’s no point,” you say reluctantly.

Rachel groans and smiles, “I love you, thank you!”

Jamie pulls back from your girlfriend and in one quick movement removes his condom. “It’s only fair,” he says pushing back into Rachel, “for me as well.”

Within seconds he cums deep inside your girlfriend. Rachel orgasms at the same time. “I’m a dirty slut,” she sobs looking you in the eye. “I have two lots of cum in me, I’m so sorry.”

As Jamie pulls out, Dave looks at you, “Are you going next or can I go again?”

“You are ready to go again?” stutters Rachel. “How do you do it?”

Dave smiles at Rachel. “You are so sexy I could go all night.”

He gently starts to play with Rachel’s soaking wet hole soaked with the huge wads of cum leaking out of her. Now on her back it is gently bubbling out and gravity means it’s begun to snake its way down towards her ass. Dave slowly starts to work a finger into the cum and pushes it into her ass.

You can see Rachel realize what he’s doing. “Dave I don’t…”

“Turn around,” he says gently moving her back into doggie style. “Ross, lie down while Jamie takes a rest and let Rachel suck you,” he gently orders.

You lie on the bed. Rachel greedily sucks on your cock with her body in a doggie-style position.

Dave gets behind your girlfriend, still massaging her asshole. Rachel looks at you and her eyes roll upwards. You know she is enjoying it. Slowly Dave enters her and Rachel sucks on you more intensely as he feeds his length inside of her. After a few minutes, Rachel moans just as you feel her back off your cock as he pulls himself out of her.

He gently pushes her back onto your cock. The look on her face is one of worry and fear as you realize he’s trying to enter her anally. Rachel opens her mouth to object. “Dave, it won’t fit. You need to sto… oh.”

You are surprised both that he’s pulled out but also the look of disappointment on your girlfriend’s face.

“You don’t want me to do this…” He pushes her onto your cock again, as you realize he’s putting himself slightly inside of her. “…so I won’t.” Again he pulls her off your cock.

He repeats the words and the actions. Each time Rachel’s face goes through a range of emotion, fear, panic, desperation and disappointment when it ends.

On the third time as Dave goes to pull out, Rachel lifts herself off your cock. “Please,” she says, “please don’t.”

Dave smiles and you feel her pushed onto you, obviously pushing more of himself deeper into her. Rachel moans.

“Don’t what? Don’t stop?” Dave asks.

Rachel looks at you with her mouth around your cock, she’s helpless and so turned on.

Dave pushes deeper, then pulls out fully. “Okay, if you don’t want me to do it I won’t.”

Rachel pulls off your cock. “No, no please it’s fine.”

Rachel is desperately moving her ass about as though trying to catch Dave’s cock. Dave smiles at you and then says to Rachel, “Tell me what you want, just so I know.” He pushes the head back inside, pushing her forward onto you again. Rachel desperately tries to push back onto him to get him deeper inside her ass.

Dave pulls backwards also, stopping it from going deeper. “Ah, ah I want you to tell me what you want.”

Rachel looks at you imploringly and then looks down. “Please, please fuck my ass!”

The words seem to have exhausted Rachel and she collapses on your cock. In the same movement Dave thrusts himself deep inside of your girlfriend.

Rachel’s whole body starts to shiver as a huge orgasm rips through her as Dave begins to pound her harder. She tries to suck your cock but in reality she’s concentrating on the sensation in her ass.

As you cum in her mouth she hungrily swallows you as her body is pushed and pulled from behind. Dave cums a few seconds later and you can feel through Rachel the thrusts as he unloads himself fully inside your girlfriend’s ass.

As he pulls out gently, Jamie gets in position and slides in effortlessly into Rachel’s ass. She makes no noise and makes little effort as Jamie frantically fucks her ass, shooting his load deep inside of her also.

Rachel is asleep with cum trickling out of all of her holes within seconds of Jamie cumming.

Dave smiles at you and Jamie. “Happy New Year fellas!” he says.