Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Eppient...)

When Rachel finally wakes up you both get dressed and make a slightly awkward exit. The next few days you constantly think about the events that took place but Rachel refuses to discuss it. With events keeping you both busy it allows you both to avoid the subject for the rest of the week.

On Friday, exactly a week after New Year’s Eve, you both settle down after work, a bottle of wine open. Rachel smiles at you and cuddles up, “It’s a bit different from last Friday isn’t it?”

You laugh, a bit uncomfortably. “Yeah, that was some night.”

“I’m sorry,” Rachel says looking at you. “I got a bit carried away and was very drunk. I hope you can forgive me.”

You gently kiss your girlfriend. “Well I didn’t exactly stop you and I’m not totally innocent.” As she hugs you in silent you continue, “I’m more worried, that, you know, well we haven’t done ‘it’ since.”

Rachel smiles at you. “Oh darling, I really have wanted to. I’ve just been a bit sore and then a bit worried you wouldn’t want me.”

You kiss Rachel again. “Of course I want you. I only came once, I really wanted to have sex with you but you fell asleep.”

“Sorry, Ross,” Rachel says again. “I was exhausted. I think I came si… sorry. You don’t want to hear.”

You gently caressing her face as she lays it on your chest. “I don’t mind. I think we have to talk about it. So you came six times? You seemed to enjoy the anal sex as well.”

Rachel blushes. “I don’t know. It felt so wrong, dirty and David’s so big I felt like he was killing me but it was turning me on at the same time. When Jamie — or was it you? — fucked me afterwards I just lay there enjoying the sensation.”

“It was Jamie,” you reply. “I only got a blow job.”

“Oops, sorry.” She starts to undo your zip, “Well let’s see if I can apologize properly. He looks happy to see me.”

As she guides your cock into her mouth she smiles at you. While she sucks on your cock you get flashbacks of the week before. “I wonder what Jamie said to Monica?” Rachel says in between sucking. “Imagine her face! Oh I fucked Rachel up the ass.” She giggles as you get harder. “Oh you like that do you? Does me talking about Jamie fucking me turn you on? What about Dave’s big cock?”

Your own cock betrays you by getting harder and bigger.

As she lowers herself onto you, your cock slides easily into her. “I don’t think we should make a habit of it but it was nice. This is all I need.”

Her body moves up and down on you effortlessly. As you build towards an orgasm Rachel looks at you, “I really love you, you know that don’t you?”

As you cum deep inside of your girlfriend you are very conscious that she has not cum at all. “Can I finish you off?”

Rachel looks at you and smiles. “No I’m fine, thanks,” she says as she climbs off you.

“I really don’t mind,” you persist.

Rachel looks at you. “Ok then.” You push your fingers inside her and start to pump. Rachel’s body moves in motion but after a few minutes she stops you. “Sorry, no, it’s not going to work. Would you lick me for a bit?”

You make your way down your girlfriend’s body and start to gently lap at the side of her lips. As you lick down her opening you feel the weird texture of your own cum on your lips.

Rachel pushes your head in further, “You know,” she sighs, “I came three times imagining you cleaning me out like this when Dave and Jamie came in me. It really turned me on. No idea why. Oh, this is amazing keep going.”

Rachel rides your face, pushing you deep into her. She cums all over you, gushing out a mixture of your cum and her fluids. “That was amazing” she says. “I love you.”

As you lie back, happy with yourself and happy the air has been cleared you realize that tomorrow is the first time you will have seen Jamie since last Friday. It’s going to be so embarrassing but hopefully you can both move on from it.