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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Sparclebutt...)

Later you will feel disgust that you even considered letting these fuckers plow your babe. But as of now, the moment your brain catches up with what that asshole just said, well you are the epitome of calmness.

“What the fuck did you just say?”


“No, what the fuck did you just say!”

“I said tha-”

“Did you seriously just order me to let you gangbang my girlfriend?”

“I didn’t order, I suggest-”

“What kind of fucking shit do you think I am!”

By this point most of the guys have left, leaving only two stubborn horndogs wanting to fuck Rachel.

“C’mon man, just a quick fuck?”

“Yeah, we’ll even let you have at her once we’re done dumping our loads in her!”

“You have up to the count of ten to get the fuck out of here,” you say sternly.

“Please dude?”


“Alright, we might even let you use her ass, while we try to knock her up.”


“Dude, I think we should run?”


They book it out of there.

Rachel looks at you like your are some epic action/romance movie hero who just saved her from getting raped.

“Ross, that was so fucking hot,” she pants.

Well, you are definitely going to fuck her now. But should you fuck her here, or back home? Or possibly somewhere else?