Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by JustAName...)

“I would love a lap dance where you strip us both naked!” Jamie says.

“You know I’ll give you one when I get back!” Monica replies. “Just pretend I’m giving it to you right now…”

Rachel starts the lap dance by straddling Jamie in his chair. She dances seductively and grinds her crotch on his until it’s painfully obvious he has a massive hard on. Then she pulls her shirt off, flinging it up and over her head. It lands on the ground beside them and Jamie’s shirt soon follows.

While she’s dancing, Rachel somehow wiggles her skirt off and onto the pile of clothes on the floor. She climbs off of Jamie to kneel in front of him as she slowly works his pants off, freeing his cock which makes a huge tent in his boxers. His boxers soon slide off too, revealing what made the tent.

Your girlfriend climbs back up onto Jamie and continues her lap dance. She rubs her panty-covered pussy up and down his hard cock, which is beginning to leak precum, leaving streaks on her panties. She unclips her bra and reveals her perky tits to Jamie, playing with them and letting him ogle at them before shimmying out of her panties, leaving the two of them completely naked.

Now, she grinds her bare, shaved pussy against Jamie’s rock hard pole, coating it with her juices and spreading his precum around. However, on one of her strokes, she accidentally lines his cock up with her pussy and sinks down onto him, swallowing just his tip and perhaps an inch more, stopping out of shock of what just happened.

Monica is silent. Jamie is silent. Rachel is silent. What is going to happen?