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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Mark liked it a whole lot too. “That’s amazing Rachel. Keep sucking his cock like that. Now John… in a minute, your character is going to get himself in a frenzy and want to fuck Rachel again. But this time, I want you to bodily move her into doggy position, her head towards the back of the stage, her ass high and facing the audience. I want everyone to witness your cock disappear into her depths and fill her with cum again.”

John just nodded. Rachel vaguely heard Mark say John was going to put his penis into her and fill her with his sperm-filled cum again, but couldn’t hold onto the thought because his massive cock was deep inside her mouth, the head of his penis bumping into the back of her throat. It was all she could do to concentrate on suppressing her body’s instinct to vomit. It became easier the longer she sucked on him.

Rachel was surprised when John pulled his penis out of her mouth, lifted her with one arm, turned her around and made her kneel facing away from the audience like a dog. Then she felt the tip of his penis enter her from behind and she gasped, then squealed as the tip of his penis pressed hard against the spot right behind her pubic bone. He pumped the head of his giant penis in and out of her vagina over a dozen times, his glans stimulating her G-spot. Rachel had never felt anything like it before in her life. Electricity coursed up and down her spine, down her legs to her toes, making them curl, then back up between her ass cheeks, her skin under her tribal tramp stamp tingling with pins and needles, the sensation then traveling up her spine to her neck where she could feel the little blonde hairs standing.

A dozen short stabs of John’s wonderful penis and Rachel’s body launched into a massive orgasm. It started in her belly, and spread rapidly to her chest, then her arms and legs, then finally her head. Rachel felt like her skin was on fire, her heart beating out of her chest, her uterus humming, her vaginal muscles clamping down hard. Rachel felt her body buck once, twice, then her back arched up like a frightened cat. Then her vagina did something mysterious. It began to spray out massive quantities of liquid. There was so much Rachel felt like she was peeing.

Rachel’s ejaculation came out of her in nearly a dozen strong jets of warm musky liquid. It sprayed out of her in a fan, covering everything behind her for several feet. As her orgasm was slowing and the jets of her ejaculate slowed to dribbles, John placed the tip of his penis at the entrance to her vagina, grabbed her athletic hips with his large hands, and pushed in as hard as he could. John did not stop until he felt the tip of his penis push hard against a soft spongy material deep inside her body. Then he pushed some more making Rachel groan.

John fucked his blonde employee hard and fast, at first keeping his eyes closed so he could concentrate on Rachel’s tightly gripping pussy, then opening them as he felt his orgasm nearing so he could stare down at the triangular tribal tramp stamp pointing to his penis, the tattoo her boyfriend had insisted she had to get. Ironic, John thought, that he was getting to enjoy the body art on Rachel rather than you.

John’s cock pumped in and out of your girlfriend’s unprotected and vulnerable pussy in a blur. There was no holding back for John. He had decided once he knew he would be naked with her that any chance he had to inseminate her and make her pregnant with his baby he would take.

Rachel couldn’t believe how hard John was pumping his penis in and out of her body. She also could not believe a man’s penis could be as hard, hot and long as John’s. She wanted to push back against John and his huge member, she wanted to give to this man as much as he was giving to her but all she could do was breath, involuntarily grunting and moaning. She could feel her vagina spasming around his thick shaft, her uterus vibrating.

Rachel turned her head to look back at the man who was giving her so much pleasure. Her eyes locked onto his for a moment, then she felt him push into her one final time and unload his sperm into her body a second time in less than thirty minutes. His face was contorted in exquisite pleasure.

“Oh John! Please…” is all she got out before her body went into another massive orgasm. She felt her vagina clamp down hard, heard John grunt, then her vagina began to spray that musky liquid again, soaking John’s testicles and thighs.

John stared into Rachel’s eyes as he unloaded his massive load of sperm-filled semen deep into her body. He could feel her cervix spasming inside her against the tip of his spurting cock and knew his sperm was being pumped deeper into her reproductive system. This triggered his body into overdrive. Miraculously, John felt another orgasm coursing through his penis, surging into Rachel. Another dozen jets of cum deposited inside her.

Mark watched in intense fascination and lust at the most intense fuck he’s ever seen between two people. Rachel’s downward triangular tribal tramp stamp looked like it was vibrating and pulsing with each jet of cum John deposited inside her. Mark could feel his hard cock leaking from the erotic view. Looking around he could see all the men had dark wet spots on the bulges in their pants, the women with dark wet spots between their legs. “I’m gonna sell a million tickets for this show!” thought Mark as the two lovers on stage fell in a tangled heap with John on top of Rachel, his penis still inside her pussy.

As Mark walked up onto the stage, he could smell Rachel’s musky spray and John’s cum. It was very strong. Their bodies were covered in sweat, Rachel’s musky spray and John’s thick white cum. It made his cock twitch and leak a little cum. Their chests were rising and falling rapidly. As he approached them, Mark could also detect their body odor mixed in with the smell of sex

Mark stared for a full minute at the beautiful blonde woman laying on the stage, recently fucked and filled with her Asian boss’s cum twice, her wispy golden blonde hair matted to her face, her blonde pubic hair covered in thick white cum.

He felt himself beginning to lean down to touch and feel her up, but stopped himself at the last minute.

“Rachel, John? That was incredible. Do you think you could do that scene just like that every time?” Mark asked the two lovers.

“I think so…” Rachel replied in a very soft voice.

“Yeah… no problem. I could do this everyday…” John said.

“Great! The next couple of scenes don’t involve you two so you can go get cleaned up and get some rest,” Mark said.