Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Mark describes the next scene. “Okay. In this scene, Rachel’s character is teasing a pair of male slaves, flashing them her tits ass and pussy. Originally John was supposed to enter the scene at this moment, but I made a change to the script and now the two men get upset by her teasing, become rowdy and handsy. Bianca begins to resist and the two big black men begin to sexually assault her.”

“Wait Mark! This was not in the original script! It was just supposed to be me and John in the sex scenes!” Rachel says in a panic.

Her panic becomes even more pronounced when she doesn’t see the original two black male actors, both of whom she had gotten to know over the last week and was comfortable with them because they were both married and devoted family men. The two new black male actors standing on stage ogling her were pulled randomly from a pool of daily standbys who got paid by the hour… like day laborers.

“It was originally, but I changed it because it seemed too tame. How many different ways can John fuck you before the audience gets bored?” Mark shoots back in annoyance.

“I’m not sure I can do this Mark…” Rachel blurts out.

“Look Rachel… in this scene they don’t do anything but grope you. They will grab some tits, ass, and pussy, then John comes along and chases them away okay?” Mark tried to sound caring but comes off condescending… like how you always sound to her.

“I’m not sure about this Mark, but I guess I’ll do my best to make it work,” Rachel says reluctantly.

“Alright then. Everybody to places. Rachel, I want your character to pace back and forth as the two black men work on the field. Tease them by flashing your goods. About a minute in, they will get worked up and corner you next to the barn and begin groping you… action!”

Rachel is an excellent actor. She plays her part well, flashing and teasing the big black men who are dressed in only loin cloths. Mark cues them and they corner Rachel against the red barn wall. Rachel’s fear was real, but her acting was fantastic. Even when one of them grabbed her ass cheek and squeezed hard, making her wince she stayed in character. Then the other grabbed her breast and squeezed hard. She involuntarily let out a yelp.

“Hey little white bitch whore… black man’s too strong for your lilly white tits and ass?” the one black man says threateningly.

“You shouldn’t be doing this… I’m a white woman… they’ll hang you for this!” Rachel says her lines perfectly.

The black man who grabbed her ass cheek suddenly thrust his large hand between her legs, grabbing a handful of her pussy through her underwear. He squeezes and rubs roughly making Rachel groan from the force of the man’s grab.

“Yo man… I think this bitch likes this!” the man says, then pulls up her skirt and shoves three fingers deep inside her pussy. He begins to finger-fuck her hard and fast.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my GOD!” Rachel screams in surprise (not part of her lines.)

The other black man rips her top to shreds and begins to suck on her boobs.

She didn’t want to, but Rachel could feel her body responding to the rough treatment by the unknown black man whose fingers were inside her vagina. For some reason, which she couldn’t comprehend, Rachel could feel her body rapidly building up to climax. The whole situation was incredibly taboo for her. Within two minutes of the fingering, Rachel is cumming on the black man’s fingers, spraying her juices wildly.

“Oh man… this bitch is in heat! Let’s give her some thick black meat!” Says the man finger-fucking her. He pulls his loincloth aside to reveal a cock that was a healthy eight inches long. It was easily twice your length and three times your thickness Definitely not as big as John, but still a serious penis, and he was very hard. Rachel then turned to see the other black man had done the same and he was almost as large as the first man

Rachel kept acting and waiting for Mark to instruct John to come in on the scene, hoping it would happen soon.

The black man with the bigger penis pinned her against the barn with his body, then reached down and grabbed her butt cheeks in his hands. Lifting her up easily, he placed the head of his penis at the entrance to her vagina and entered her! She could feel his thickness pushing deep inside her.

“Oh man… this little white pussy is amazing!” says the man as he begins to fuck Rachel. Rachel tries to hold on by wrapping her arms around his neck. She began to feel very good. Even though he was a black man, and she had only expected John inside her, it wasn’t all bad.

The man pumped his big black penis into her unwilling vagina for several minutes, during which time Rachel could feel her orgasm building. Then the second black man literally pulled her off the first black man, laid her down on the floor and jammed his penis into her pussy. The first black man kneeling by her head, shoves his cock into her mouth. Rachel could taste her juices on his ebony penis as she opened her mouth to suck him in.

Rachel couldn’t believe how hard these black men’s penises felt inside her body. The man on top of her pounded his penis into her vagina so fast and hard it was knocking the wind out of her. She could feel beads of his sweat falling on her face. Then the other man switched in and kept up the quick pace.

Rachel was caught by surprise by both the suddenness and the intensity of her orgasm as the dark skinned man above her continued to pump his black penis into her spasming vagina. It was as if he didn’t take any notice of her orgasm and was only intent on his own pleasure. The men kept switching and Rachel lost count of the number of times they switched back and forth, but her body was now wracked in constant orgasm at this point, her vagina twitching, spasming, and clamping down on their shafts every few seconds.

Mark had intended for the two standby actors to grope and push the acting a bit, maybe finger her a little and suck on her boobs. Mark never expected the two men to actually fuck Rachel. He thought to stop them, but Rachel was still acting and was clearly not objecting, and… it was totally hot! The men molested Rachel for over thirty minutes, pounding her tight little pussy over and over again. Mark thought he counted nearly a dozen orgasms from Rachel when he remembered John. He thought how nice it would be if he brought John out now and had him fuck Rachel even harder with his gigantic cock.

It wasn’t until the man began to grunt and buck into her faster that she realized what was happening… she could tell he was getting close to ejaculating… his penis swelling and getting thicker and harder… getting ready to fill her up with his semen and make her pregnant with his baby!

That’s when Mark cues John’s character to walk in.

“Hey! Let that white woman go!” John’s character shouts.

The two black actors stop fucking her, the man in her pussy pulling out and stepping back. His cock was glistening and dripping her juices. A moment later his penis shot jet after jet of his semen all over the golden blonde pubic hair over her vagina, soaking into her tuft of wispy hair and slithering down toward her recently used and puffy vaginal opening.

Just then the second black man sprayed her heaving breasts with jet after jet of cum. There was so much cum a small pool of cum formed between her breasts.

Rachel could feel the first black man’s semen combine and ooze down over her vaginal opening, but she was pretty sure none had gone inside her because she was standing and their semen dropped downward and off her body. Even so, Rachel wiped at her vaginal opening to prevent unwanted sperm inside herself. Rachel get her body trembling she was so worked up at having been just forced into intercourse with two black men…

“You two better run off before I get the kings guard!” John says menacingly to the black men who run off stage.