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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Oh my… Bianca, what have they been doing to you?” John says. This makes Rachel swoon, making her feel protected and loved by John… even though she knew it was just acting.

“Okay John… now pick her up, make sure the audience can see her slimy cum-covered body. Hold her in that position for like ten seconds then sit her down on your hard cock and fuck her silly, filling her with at least three of your loads. I want this scene to be at least 30 to 45 minutes long. And John… feel free to move her around in any position… action!”

“Come here Bianca!” John says, lifting Rachel’s athletic body up off the floor. She is already glistening with a sheen of sweat and her pussy is dripping dollops of the black men’s cum from her skin. John thinks it’s a good thing they didn’t finish inside her because she’s not on any birth control.

“Let’s sit your tight pussy down on my cock,” John says to Rachel and proceeds to impale her on his thick skin pole. She easily sides down his shaft with all the lubrication from her recent orgasm inside her, making the action more pleasant for Rachel. Knowing she now has John’s penis back inside her, she feels much better and decides she will work hard to draw out as much semen from John as possible so her baby will only be John’s. Rachel pushes her hips down hard, feeling his glans pressing against the entrance to her womb.

Rachel begins to wiggle her hips, which rubs the tip of his penis against the nub of her cervix deep inside her. She can feel the gateway to her womb starting to give way, and it begins to hurt her.

John begins to pump in and out of her stretched-out pussy, about once each second. He pumps in completely, then pulls out until just the head is inside her. The deep pistoning of John’s cock inside her pushes Rachel into a massive orgasm in less than one minute. She can feel her vaginal muscles tighten up around John’s shaft as he continues to pump in and out of her.

Feeling Rachel’s orgasm around his thick shaft, John pushes into Rachel’s spasming pussy as deep as he can, pulling her down by her hips with his hands. Rachel can feel heat radiating from deep inside her lower abdomen where John’s thick penis is embedded… where the head of his penis is pushing against the entrance to her womb.

Rachel’s pussy spasming, squeezing and clamping down on his shaft is too much for John to handle. His balls tighten up and his shaft begins to pulse inside her, his thick white jism flowing through him and into her body to splash against the tiny slit of her twitching cervix. Her body is doing its biological best to pump as much of the sperm and nutrient rich seminal fluid it knows is flowing against it.

John fills her with so much fluid he again overflows from her pussy. His cum drips out of her tight pussy and drips to the floor underneath the two lovers.

Rachel and John hold each other tightly, sweating from every pore and just trying to catch their breath. Rachel could feel John’s enormous penis pulsing and expanding inside her body, each time making her take in a breath and shudder. Rachel never knew how good sexual intercourse could feel, after the careless and thoughtless way you’ve used her to satisfy yourself by using her body. Rachel recognized that now, after experiencing what a true man could give to her. She held onto John’s strong, sweat-covered body even harder, trying to absorb his essence into herself.

John also had never felt a woman whose vagina was as tight and deep, let alone strong enough to clamp down so hard to make it difficult to pump his cock in and out of. John had also never met a woman who could take his entire penis inside herself. Fuelled by his passion and lust for a woman he had often thought of in his imaginings, John rolled them over so he was lying on top of Rachel, being careful to keep his cock inside her still-twitching and squeezing pussy.

Rachel just held on tightly as John rolled them over onto her back. Her entire body felt so in sync with John’s. She could feel her vaginal muscles clamping down hard on his long, thick penis so deep inside her, the head of him pushing against and prying at her cervix. It was hard for her to believe her body had the ability to accommodate all 12 inches of John’s manhood, but there it was… his dark pubic hair mingling and getting tangled up in her wispy blonde ones as he mashed his hips into her.

Looking down to see him so fully embedded inside her body started the beginning of her orgasm. It built up slowly this time. John was just holding his enormous penis inside her, but it was stretching her so much and applying so much pressure on her cervical opening and uterus that her entire lower abdomen area felt more full than any other time in her life.

Rachel’s orgasm picked up steam and she could feel her vagina heating up, her cervix vibrating, her uterus contracting, her skin tingling. It was getting hard for her to breathe as she began taking in deep gulps of air.

This was when John decided to start pumping his cock in and out of this beautiful blonde woman’s amazingly tight and strong pussy.

“Oh John! Oh John! My god John!” escaped from her mouth as the orgasm struck her like lightning, her body roiled like thunder.

John had never felt anything like it in his life. Rachel’s body was heating up like a furnace under him, her muscles taut and flexing like crazy. If he wasn’t more than twice her size and weight, John thought, she would buck him off with this incredible orgasm overtaking her.

John could feel his balls tighten up, his cock swelling with blood, engorging in readiness to fill the sexual woman under him full of his seed. Thinking of his baby growing inside her body made his cock pulse. A thick ribbon of his sperm-filled cum shot out of the tip of his cock at light speed and smashed into Rachel’s vibrating cervix.

“Oh John! Yes! Yes! Fill me with your seed!” Rachel groaned like a woman possessed.

John feels another ribbon of pure cum pulse out of him and into Rachel’s eager blonde pussy and begins to pump in and out of her as fast as he can. His cock becomes a blur, lubricated by her abundant juices and his loads of cum. In less than a minute his entire body shudders as he unloads the entirety of his ballsack into Rachel’s amazing pussy.

Mark watches as his two actors make love on the stage like long lost lovers reclaiming years of missed sex. He could feel his cock throbbing and looked down to see he had cum in his pants. Looking around in embarrassment, he could see almost every other man had a similar stain on the front of their pants, and many of the women had wet spots in their crotches.

Smiling, Mark turned back to finish watching the two people in heat procreating on stage. Not feeling self-conscious anymore, he decided to see if he could manipulate the two actors to take it up a notch.

“Cut! That was perfect John and Rachel! Hey… no need to pull out of Rachel’s pussy yet, John. Stay just as you are so I can talk to you about something,” Mark says and walks up to them. John and Rachel are breathing hard, their breath mingling, their sweat combining, John keeping his mostly-hard cock balls-deep inside her.