Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel could feel John’s long, thick penis pulsing inside her anal cavity, expanding and contracting as his sperm-filled semen surged through his shaft and filled her colon. She could feel her intestine heating up as it filled with his life-giving fluid. Rachel could feel his penis expanded right up against the inside of her tribal tramp stamp her husband Ross had insisted she get right before they got married, and thought she could feel the tattoo wiggling around on her lower back with each pulse of John’s penis.

Rachel looked into the deep dark eyes of her Asian boss and said from her heart, “Oh John… I never knew how much pleasure a man and his penis could give to me… but today, you showed me that I could experience heavenly pleasure from the tips of my toes to the last follicle of blonde hair on my head. Having your penis inside my body is as close to God as I’ve ever felt in my life!”

John could only smile and kiss his beautiful employee who was pouring her heart out to him. Her blonde hair was matted to her forehead, her blue eyes shining like beacons in the night, her skin pink and glowing from her recent orgasms.

Rachel kissed him back with a fervorr she had never known. It was then she realized she had never felt love in her heart before. She thought she had loved her boyfriend Ross, but being here with John, his giant penis embedded inside her anus, both her anus and vagina awash with his sperm-filled semen… she felt so complete and satisfied… so much warmth and desire to be with him and to make him happy… it was all consuming.

Rachel knew then, that if he asked, she would abandon her husband in a heartbeat… go with him wherever he asked… to do whatever he asked if her… she wanted to always be with him… to please him… to make him happy with her and to make him want her… to have his children… over and over again.

“Awesome job Rachel and John! Loved that scene. It should be like that every time. We’re done for the day ‘cause we’re out of time. We’ll get to the sex scenes for the second half of the show next rehearsal.” Mark said.

Rachel hated it when John began to pull his penis out of her anus, but tried her best to concentrate on the ridges and veins in his shaft as they moved across her sphincter. She imagined she could feel his shaft rub the backside of her tramp stamp as he slowly pulled out of her. The feeling was so exquisite she began to moan from the pleasure.

“You really like my cock inside your body that much?” John asked Rachel.

“Yes John… your penis inside me helps me realize how alive I am. When you fill me with your length I know that you have lain claim to my body… and when I feel your precious liquid filling me, my body tingles from head to toe, and everything else disappears from my mind but the thought that you have possessed this body with your sperm. The only thing that matters to me from now on is for me to be as close to you and to please you in any way you ask me… I would do anything to be by your side for the rest of my life,” Rachel replied.

Keeping his cock halfway inside her asshole, John paused to say, “Rachel, I always thought you were an amazing woman, both inside and out, but now I know for sure you are one of a kind. I want you to be with me and to keep my cock inside your body as often and for as long as physically possible.”

“Yes… John… thank you! Thank you so much! I want that very much,” Rachel says.

“Okay you two… John can pull out of Rachel’s ass anytime! you two did a fabulous job today, and as much as I want this to continue, we’re out of time!” Mark said impatiently. He never could wait around for anyone.

John pulled the rest of the way out of Rachel’s asshole with an audible sucking sound followed by a pop. Rachel’s asshole gushed thick white cum, then slowly leaked for thirty seconds afterwards.

Mark told them something came up and that the next couple of week’s worth of rehearsals needed to be cancelled so no rehearsals until further notice — and the show would have to be postponed. Mark would tell the others and post it to social media with the new opening night date to be determined.

“Meanwhile, I strongly urge you two to practice the sex scenes on your own time. You should practice all of them every day. In fact, you probably should try all different kinds of new positions as well so you can have some input for when we are back together again. I completely expect you to have taken hundreds of John’s massive loads of cum inside your body when we next meet, Rachel!” Mark says as he stares intently at Rachel and her nakedness.

“Yes Mark, I’ll make sure to do my best to practice taking John’s penis deep inside of me as often and for as long as I can while taking as many of John’s virile ejaculations inside my vagina and anus as we can manage,” Rachel replies earnestly to Mark.

“I’ll make sure Rachel and I have enough time off from work to get the daily sex scene rehearsals in. But what will we do about the two random black guys scene?” John says.

Rachel looks over at her boss in surprise and was about to say something to object. She didn’t want to share her body with anyone other than John without having to, but then appreciated his thoughtfulness to the production and kept quiet.

“We will just have to skip that until next time we are back in the theater,” Mark replies.

Taking in a deep breath, Rachel thanks God for her good fortune. She only wanted John’s penis inside her… at least until she was pregnant with his child. After that, it would be much safer to have others put their penis inside her body for the play, she thought.

It ended up being almost six weeks before Mark was able to get back into the theater. John did make sure to arrange work schedules at his company to allow him and Rachel to practice all their sex scenes plus many more every day. John distributed all of Rachel’s work to his other employees and rented a penthouse hotel room for them to practice in.

John and Rachel met at work, then drove to the hotel and went straight into their practice. Each day, John and Rachel would have all day long. John deposited his cum deep inside Rachel’s pussy and asshole each time he came. In a 9-5 day, Rachel and John managed to work out a schedule where they would have an hour of sex where John would shoot three to four loads of cum inside Rachel’s pussy or asshole, then rest for fifteen minutes. Then they would have sex for an hour, then rest fifteen minutes. That way, they could have sex for seven hours of the day with Rachel taking roughly 25 loads of cum inside her body, almost all of them in her pussy.

Rachel and John even arranged it with their families (a little white lie) saying they had to work the next few weekends, so they could practice every day like Mark suggested. They took one entire weekend from Friday to Sunday night, keeping up their grueling sex practice schedule the entire time. By the end of the first month, John and Rachel were practically living at the hotel just fucking all day and night.

After a month of fucking John’s massive cock and getting filled up with over five hundred of John’s loads, most of them deep inside her vagina and right up against the entrance to her womb, Rachel just didn’t feel like herself if she didn’t have John’s penis deep inside or her crotch wet or dripping with his cum.

By the end of the sixth week, Rachel and John had had sex nearly a thousand times. Most of those times John was cumming deep inside Rachel’s pussy. Rachel knew John had made her pregnant even without taking any tests because she could feel her body was different.