Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Okay babe… I’ll give your overheated pussy a small break,” you say, not that she hears you. She’s passed out on the bed.

You check the ropes and they are even tighter than when you put them on her. All her struggling must have pulled them together more.

You play with Rachel’s pussy and asshole, your fingers lazily fucking both holes slowly. She doesn’t wake up, but her amazing pussy and anus clamp down on your invading fingers. Her pussy is musky, the smell is very strong and it stirs your cock. Pulling your small cock out of your pants, you don’t even have to stroke it to full hardness.

You push into her pulsing pussy and your cock is instantly bathed in her hot pussy juices. You go balls-deep and stay there a few minutes before starting to saw in and out of her. It doesn’t take long for your small balls to bubble up and you start cumming.

You’ve always wanted to cum on her face, and don’t want to knock her up so you quickly pull out, position yourself next to her serene face and jerk three times.

Your cum dribbles out as usual and lands with a wet squelch on Rachel’s cheek, lips, and nose. You flick the last drop into her closed eyelid and lean back in the bed panting.

You wait a few minutes to see if she will wake after the epic fucking you just gave her, and when she doesn’t you check her pulse and heartbeat, both of which are very strong, and realize she is resting after such an enormous orgasm. She’s still trussed up tightly so you start thinking what else you could do to her while she’s tied up.