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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bay...)

You give Alex a wink to which he responds to with a nod. You grab Rachel and lift her up so that she is sitting on your lap with her legs spread and her back to you.

“Ross, what are you doing?” she asks.

“Well, babe. Alex has been wanting to try being balls deep in a pussy for a long time now. So, I’m offering him your pussy while we’re at it.”

“That is such a turn on,” moans Rachel.

Meanwhile Alex has moved himself between her legs and positioned his six-inch gay cock at her entrance.

“Umm, guys? Shouldn’t I put on a condom or something?”

You answer him before Rachel gets a chance to. “Don’t be silly! It’s your first time! If you don’t feel a wet slutty pussy wrapped raw around your dick, before shooting your hot spunk in her and risking getting her pregnant, then it won’t be special now, will it?”

His answer is to bury himself balls deep in Rachel’s pussy, before letting out a groan and starting to wildly buck against her.

“Ah-h, I can’t bel-believe I’ve been missing out on this!”

You decide to finally shove your dick in Rachel’s ass but, just as you do so, Alex groans and shoots his load inside of her pussy. He pulls out to give his dick a little rest, before being mesmerised by the sight of his semen leaking out of her cunt. He gets hard again and shoves his night stick back in her.

This continues for several hours, with you fucking Rachel’s asshole while Alexis shoots load after load into her pussy.

You all have so much fun that it becomes a weekly thing. Rachel invites Alexis over, the two of you have some gay sex, and then Alex fucks your girlfriend’s pussy while you take her ass.

In a few months it becomes daily, so much so that Alex moves in with you. Things change, you don’t get anything but anal anymore, as your girlfriend’s pussy is “Reserved for all the hot semen Alex feels like giving me!” But honestly you can’t really complain since both of their assholes are great.

A year later Rachel gives birth to a pair of blonde haired twins. She and Alex celebrate by fucking each other and making you slurp up Alex’s cum from her pussy, while he is plowing you from behind.

Since that day the only use your cock gets is by your own hand, and your ass gets wrecked by dildos and filled with hot yummy cum regularly. One time they make you dress up as a schoolgirl and play with dildos and vibrators while they fuck. Unknown to you they’ve invited a fat, hairy, fifty-year-old gay man, who sneaks up behind you and rides you until you can’t move anymore. Apparently he is curious about pussy as well, and Rachel and Alex allow him to plow her. It is savage and he dumps his load inside of her. Soon he moves in with you as well and Rachel gets all the cum she ever wanted, and you get all the gay dick they invite over, before your girlfriend turns them straight with her slutty pussy.

The End