Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Erotica...)

You moan at the bushy haired girl’s pussy being pounded by your formidable dick, before you hear someone or something behind you. Looking behind you, you see the boy with emerald eyes and glasses register the scene, mouth open in shock.

“H-Hermione-” he stopped and ran away, probably for help.

“Shit,” you swear, glancing at the girl called Hermione whom you have pounded extremely.

Gently, you ease your penis out of her pussy, her eyes looking triumphant. A small smile emerges on her face, which disappears as you stuff the skirt and panties in your pockets, leaving her clit to stay bare and unhidden.

With a grin on your face as you feel the panties in your pocket, you start running off as you hear more people coming from behind.

“Stupefy!” you hear someone cry, and you are sent flying, being knocked out by your head landing on a rock. The last thing you see before it turns black is a grand wizard with a white beard, but you could swear you could hear hissing of snakes somewhere.