Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You stare at your trussed up girlfriend passed out with her knees gathered up next to her tied up torso. You think hard about what lies next for Rachel in this adventure. You can’t think of anything so you decide to have a beer. Then you take a shit and it comes to you.

How fucking sweet would it be if you called her boss to come fuck her? It would be totally taboo and would be so totally out of her control. You get her phone and text him as if you were her.

“John… Ross and I were hoping you could come over and help us out. It’s something Ross can’t do anymore… please… we need you here quickly!” you text.

You didn’t expect him to text back so quickly, but he responds right away. “I’ll be there in a few minutes. I’m right down the road… just finished up a business meeting.”

John gets to your house in record time. He must have smelled something was up. There’s a knock on the door only five minutes after you text. You let him in and lead him into the bedroom. Rachel is awake and it takes a few seconds for her to figure out what’s happening.

“Oh my god, Ross! What have you done?” Rachel says as her entire face becomes red and part of her chest from her extreme embarrassment.

“You did say anything I wanted to do… remember?” you say with a giant smile on your face.

“Uuuhhhhh… what is happening here? Rachel? Are you okay? Why are you tied up?” John says with serious concern in his voice.

“It’s… Ross and I were… I can’t believe you’re seeing me like this… I’m so embarrassed…” Rachel says and would have covered her face but can’t because her arms are tied to the bedposts.

“John, feel free to do anything you want to your employee. She’s helpless to stop you. And she wants it. She wants you to do things to her, anything you want, everything you’ve ever imagined about her!” you say to Rachel’s bewildered Asian boss.

John looks at you, looks at Rachel then speaks. “Rachel, is this correct? Did you tell your boyfriend to tie you up and do anything he wanted to you?”

Rachel closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before saying, “Yes… it’s true. I did ask him to tie me up and have his way with me. I did tell him he could do anything he wanted to me while I was tied up.”

“See John? And since it’s up to me what happens to her when tied up… I want you to fuck the shit out of her,” you say as earnestly as possible.

John says nothing, but starts to strip. When he gets naked, you see he has a giant horse cock, with elephant testicles. They are biggest fucking things you’ve ever seen. They look unnatural. His cock looks like baseball bat dangling between his legs, the tip of his cock nearly to his knees. His balls look like the size of your fists.

He kneels on your bed, his legs pushed up and touching your girlfriend’s tied up ass cheeks and pulled-back thighs. He grabs his giant cock and lets it fall on your girlfriend’s exposed and vulnerable pussy slit and abdomen with an audible thwack. It is so big it completely covers her entire crotch and goes so far up her body that it covers her belly button easily. It looks like a veiny beef tenderloin.

“Oh John…” Rachel utters.

John says nothing, but his eyes are big and his pupils are dilated as if he is in a trance. Grabbing his giant cock in both hands, John slaps your girlfriend’s pussy several times. As amazing as it sounds, his cock became even larger and became incredibly hard. So hard the head looks shiny.

On closer inspection, that purple cockhead has a large bead of very hazy, nearly white precum… or just sperm-filled cum… the size of a peanut dripping onto your girlfriend’s belly. You take a couple steps to the side and see there is actually a puddle of his cum bigger than one of your full loads pooling in the crevice of your girlfriend’s well-defined abdominal muscles.

“Damn Rachel, I never thought I’d get to fuck you, but here we are. Are you ready to get fucked?” John asks in a deeper voice than you’ve ever heard from him.

“Oh John… please! Ross misinterpreted what I said. What I wanted him to do was…” Rachel tries to say but is interrupted by the head of John’s massive cock pressing against her tiny blonde slit.

While she was trying to answer him, John had dipped his cockhead in the pool of his cum and dragged the tip down to the opening of her birth canal, leaving a thick slippery trail of his cum.

“What was that Rachel?” John says dismissively as he jerks his cock twice to release an even larger bead of his cum directly on her pussy slit and rubs it around on her clit and labia.

“Oh… my… God…” Rachel mutters, her body shaking slightly.

John speeds up the rubbing of his cockhead against the entrance to Rachel’s pussy and she begins to emit a low continuous moan.

Then he does it. He presses home and the tangerine sized purple cockhead disappears inside your girlfriend, her tiny pussy lips stretching and sliding over the smooth surface of his glans like a snake swallowing its prey whole.

Rachel’s stretched labia snap shut around the crown of John’s glans and both of them release a loud “Aaaahhhhhh…”