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(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Bay...)

You take a better look at the men and notice several things. Firstly all these guys are in their thirties or forties, possibly fifties. That doesn’t really help you though so you start thinking again.

In the end you make a decision.

“Alright boys, the guys with the small dicks go first, followed by everyone else.” You figure this will keep her pussy nice and tight for everyone.

They all compare their dicks and arrange each other in a line. The first guy, armed with a five-inch dick and hairy balls positions himself between your girlfriend’s spread legs. He roughly thrusts in and starts eagerly plowing her. This continues for a fairly long time before he slams roughly into her in a useless attempt to impregnate her. He pulls his dick out and the filled condom is revealed to the world. He stands up and makes room for the next guy to start fucking her. This continues until everyone has finished and they reluctantly leave.

Just as you and Rachel are about to depart, the door opens and the same guys return with a large box of cheap, vending machine condoms.

“Sorry man. I know we had a deal, but that wasn’t enough for us. We’re gonna fuck her again, but we promise to use condoms. ”

You look at Rachel, she looks tired but nods in acceptance.

“Alright, go ahead, but with condoms.”

You hear a moan and look at your girl, only to find her already getting fucked. Jeez, these guys are so horny they don’t even wait for permission.

As the guy between her legs finishes and gets up to grab another condom, you fish your dick out of your pants and start wanking. Another guy lifts up your girlfriend and lowers her asshole on his condom-covered cock, as another guy start fucking her pussy. This fucking continues on for several hours and the guys blow through another box of condoms, leaving an entire trash can filled with used, tied off condoms. The guys decide to untie them and dump them all over your girlfriend, and she starts eating it all.

As you return home, you receive a message with a link, when you click on it you get directed to a porn site, specifically to a three hour video of horny older guys fucking your girlfriend in the public restroom while you cum all over your hand several times.