Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

They sip their drinks and Rachel says when he’s finished his drink and she’s had about half of hers, “I’d better get off you now that we did it…”

“Woah girl, you only had half your drink. I said three drinks and you only had half of one,” the bouncer says as he grabs her hips again and starts to fuck her again.

“I… feel… like… I… was… not… told… the… entire… deal… aaaahhhhhhh!” Rachel stutters out in rhythm to the man fucking her with his huge black pole. You can see thick gooey cum squishing out of your girlfriend’s pussy as he starts fucking her for a second time in less than seven minutes.

This time around the bouncer makes no pretense or try to cover up the fact that he’s fucking the hell out of your girlfriend. The people near them blatantly stare and some of them try to get in on the action but the bouncer “bounces” them away saying, “Fuck off! This here is my white breeding bitch. Get your own, you motherfuckers!”

And with that comment he turns your girlfriend around in his lap, keeping his cock at least half way still inside her, which gives your girlfriend some leverage to move her body with her knees on the chair. You expect her to try to move off him, but she actually uses that leverage to help him fuck her.

Rachel grips his massive shoulders with her small hands and hangs on to his leather jacket while the big black man keeps a tight grip on her ass cheeks.

At one point he pulls her down onto him hard and using her toned ass cheeks kneading her pussy on and off his cock like he was making dough. What a sight. Your girlfriend’s pussy stretched around an enormous black cock that inseminated her less than five minutes ago, and which is fucking her again against her will… maybe.

“Ugh… your god damn pussy is magic, woman!” the bouncer says to your girlfriend and leans in for a kiss with his big black lips.

Amazingly, Rachel kisses him back, letting him snake his very large and pink tongue deep into her mouth. Their mouths do the tongue dance for a very long time with him continuously fucking his cock into your girlfriend.

This second fuck lasts more than ten minutes. Almost all of the spectators have moved on or turned around so they can try their luck at picking up someone. You look around and it’s just you watching.

“I’m cumming…” the bouncer says in between deep breaths. It must be taking a toll on him because his big bald head is covered in sweat.

So is your girlfriend’s face. She’s sweating so much her dirty blonde hair is matted to her forehead and cheeks, and there is a sweat ring on her dress on her back, her armpits and on her cleavage. Rachel has a bead of sweat dangling from the tip of her nose which the bouncer licks off as his cock flexes inside your girlfriend’s pussy. Her dress has ridden up so far that you can now see her triangular tribal tramp stamp pointing to the bouncer’s gigantic cock inside her.

This time Rachel wraps her arms around his shoulders and neck and holds him tightly as he inseminates her with his black seed. You can see Rachel is having a massive orgasm of her own. You know when that happens her cervical opening is furiously pumping the bouncer’s black genetic material as deep into her uterus as possible to facilitate fertilization of her eggs.

Just as before, his cock pulses and pulses and you lose count again. It takes them nearly ten minutes after their coitus for them to unwind from each other and reach for their drinks.

“Yo girl… this pussy of yours is amazing. Where you been all my life?” the bouncer says to Rachel.

“With him…” Rachel says without looking at you.

You’re kinda having a hard time wrapping your head around the fact that as Rachel and the bouncer talk, his sperm and his massive cock are balls-deep inside her and all of this is happening inside a club. Her stretched out pussy is exposed for all in the club to see but no one seems to care… not even your girlfriend.

“You gotta leave him. Be my girl and I’ll give you a dozen black babies. You’ll love it,” the bouncer invites your girlfriend to leave you.

“Thank you, but I have already given birth to two of his boys,” Rachel says it like it’s a curse.

“This body already made two babies? Damn! But so what? Don’t you want this big black cock of mine to fill you up with my seed? Don’t you want to have my babies?” The bouncer seems to be getting worked up.

“Yes your cock is magnificent and I love your cum shooting into me over and over again… and I’m probably already pregnant with your first baby, but I’m with him…” Rachel almost complains.

“I don’t care that you’re his girlfriend. All that matters to me is my cock in your pussy, fuckin’ it and filling it with my baby batter. If he was man enough, there was no way you’d be in this club fuckin’ other men and you know it!” he says to her as his massive cock starts pumping in and out of her again.

“I… don’t… know… if… I… can… leave…” Rachel says to the man fucking her but has to stop as an orgasm overcomes her.

“Let me try to convince you,” he says as he stands up with her pussy still embedded on his cock while she’s still going through her orgasm. He walks toward a VIP room and walks through the velvet curtains. You follow and get there in time to see him laying her down on a massive velvet couch big enough to be a bed. He is lying on top of her in missionary position and really pounding into her pussy. You find a huge arm chair and get comfortable. He fucks her for half an hour through a dozen orgasms before unloading his third load deep inside her body.

Unlike the first two times he filled her with his seed, the man only stops fucking her long enough to finish cumming before starting to pound into her pussy again. It is incredible. The man’s stamina is legendary, and his massive cock is sawing in and out of your girlfriend’s increasingly swollen pussy faster and faster. Another half hour later and the fourth load of the black man’s cum is unloaded into your girlfriend.

“Oh my god my pussy can’t take anymore… please stop fucking me…” Rachel pleads with the big man lying on top of her with his cock pulsing his sperm into her.

“No fuckin’ way girl… I’m gonna fuck you hard until you tell me you want to leave that pussy boyfriend of yours and your weak white children to come have my strong black babies,” the bouncer says in a very determined tone and, before he’s even finished cumming into her, begins to piston his cock into her again.

“Oh my god, your cock…” Rachel repeats over and over again for the next two hours as the man pummels her tiny pussy again and again with his massive cock, depositing several more loads of cum.