Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

You see super-fast trains whizzing by on either side of your stuck train for a while and try to concentrate on your game. You’ve just beaten a major enemy faction in one of your war game apps and are feeling pretty good. Thinking it’s a good spot to stop, you close the app and look at your phone.

“Holy shit! It’s 2am?” you exclaim out loud.

When you look at your text app, there are several messages from Rachel. You’re not sure why you didn’t get the push notification, You open them up.

12:30am: “Hey babe, let me know how things are going. Can’t wait to see you! Btw, these guys are getting pretty drunk. One of them tried to grab one of my boobs just a couple minutes ago. I had to stop cuddling with him and switch to another guy… haha… hopefully his friend can keep his hands to himself!”

12:55am: “Oh man, their stripper never came and they are all horny as hell. They keep asking me to be their ‘private dancer’ over and over again. They even offered me a thousand dollars! Don’t worry I just took a couple of drinks instead! LOL.”

1:15am: “Oh Ross, they are offering two thousand dollars if I just strip to my underwear for them. Nothing else. Why aren’t you texting me back?”

1:30am: “Okay, I’m gonna do it! It’s just a little dancing and it’s not like I’m gonna get naked! If I don’t hear back from you in the next ten minutes, I’m gonna go to their room and dance for them.”

1:45am: “I love you Ross. Wish me luck!”

Without having heard back from you, Rachel addresses her admirers. “Okay boys… I guess I’m gonna do this, but only on one condition. I keep my underwear on and you can’t grab my crotch or boobs, okay?” she says in a slur from being so drunk.

The guys all nod and say yes enthusiastically. They would have said anything to get a stitch of clothing off your beautiful girlfriend.

Rachel wobbles to her feet and the bachelor party moves to the penthouse suite.