Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

Rachel feels herself losing control and just can’t get herself to think straight enough to make a clear objection to what is happening. All she knows is she is feeling good and her body wants more of it.

“Come here to me, Rachel…” a deep voice calls to her.

Looking up she can see a man has stripped down naked and his penis is sticking straight up. It is very large, much larger than yours in every way. Rachel stands and walks over to stand in front of the man.

“Why don’t you sit on my lap, Rachel?” the man says as he reaches up and grabs her waist. Kissing her toned waist, the man pulls her to him. He lowers her onto his lap and Rachel can feel her panty-clad pussy sandwiching his magnificent penis between his abdomen and her pussy.

“It’s not very fair that I’m naked and you’re not, Rachel. Why don’t you take off your underwear so we are both naked as God intended?” the man suggests.

Rachel thinks it really is unfair for her to have any clothes on when this nice man was totally naked. “Yes of course… you’re right. We need to be fair about this.” She fumbles and hands come out of everywhere to help her shed her bra and panties. Once she is completely naked the man pulls her back down to him.

“Oh your penis is very big and hard!” Rachel says as the man uses his grip on her hips to slide her now-dripping pussy up and down his thick hard shaft.

“Oh that feels good!” Rachel says, unaware she never would have done anything like this if not for the drugs she doesn’t know she has been given. She would never have been rubbing her bare pussy against a stranger’s penis.

The men all stare at the lithe form of the beautiful blonde woman they have drugged up, becoming a sex machine. They can see how if they are very delicate and take things slow they will all get a chance to fuck the living shit out of this woman as much as they want all night long.

Everyone but the man getting his dick lubed by her pussy is quiet and waiting.

Rachel feels the rubbing of her pussy against the man’s penis is progressing well. Her juices have coated his thick shaft enough that she is gliding easily back and forth. She really wants to do a good job lap dancing for this man who has been so kind and kept her company while you are stuck on your train.

A couple times the head of his penis gets caught on the entrance to her vagina and nearly goes in her but pops back out so they can resume gliding her pussy on his penis. Each time it happens Rachel giggles a bit because it sends a jolt of electric pleasure straight into her womb.

She feels it’s strange that this man has so much time with her when there are so many other men, but as she tries to focus her vision and look around the head of his penis “accidentally” lines up with the entrance to her vagina and half of his length enters her body.

Rachel goes into an instant and massive orgasm. The sudden invasion of her vagina by a massive penis stretches her so much and it just keeps going inside her body. She has never had anything that deep inside her before and it triggers her body into a twitching, shuddering, mind-altering orgasm. Unfortunately Rachel has never had an actual orgasm before in her life and it overwhelms her.

Recognizing his opportunity, the man slides the rest of his cock into Rachel’s quivering, orgasming pussy. It takes all his willpower to not bust his nuts inside her immediately. The men had picked him because he had the biggest penis of them all and was known as a “ladies man.”

As Rachel begins to come down from her orgasm, the man begins to slowly pump his cock in and out of his conquest. Rachel does not object and lets this stranger continue sliding his penis in and out of her body.

He takes his time and slowly builds up his speed. Rachel can’t believe how big this man feels inside her body, and how deep he is going. She can feel the tip of his penis bump up against the entrance to her womb each time he pushes into her.

“You are so deep inside me… uugghhh…” Rachel says, staring at the man’s face.

“You’re an amazing lap dancer, Rachel. I’ve never experienced any other woman who danced better than you!” the man compliments.

“Thank you so much, this is my first one!” Rachel says then shudders as a mini orgasm hits her body, “ooohhhhh…”

The man expertly fucks Rachel and brings her to several orgasms with his big dick and with the help of four doses of ecstasy and four doses of fertility drugs.

After ten minutes he is holding onto her hips and pounding her with as much force as he can, lost in the amazing pussy of this blonde woman they picked up from the hotel bar. He knows there is always a danger of Rachel being fucked into better awareness, but he doesn’t care at this point. Her blonde pussy is too amazing to stop.

There is no reason for the man to have worried as the full power of the drugs hasn’t been reached yet and Rachel’s judgment and awareness is so clouded by the drugs she would have fucked a herd of elephants.

He can feel his balls become heavy and full, ready to flow. Just a few more pumps now… and then one last time…

Pushing into Rachel’s unprotected pussy as deep as he can possibly go with his hips, the man pulls her down equally hard with his hands gripping her hips as his cock erupts into her body, jet after jet of his cum shooting into her and smashing into her twitching cervix.

Rachel can feel the powerful blasts of sperm shooting into her body and for some reason she knows it is okay. She feels little jolts of electricity inside her body each time a jet of his cum fills her and can feel her cervix twitching and vibrating in response to being inseminated.

The man keeps his giant cock in her balls-deep as their mutual orgasms wind down. His hands roam over her body and the man tries to etch the memory of this woman’s body and his penis inside her into deep memory.

All the other men have been watching in awe at the fucking their friend gave this woman and they are now stripped down naked. All of their cocks are rock hard and they are ready to fuck.