Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

“Mmmmmm… Rachel, you are so wet and you taste so good,” John says as he licks his fingers which are coated with your girlfriend’s copious juices. Juices which he stimulated from his fingers rubbing her clit and her slit.

“It feels good John. Keep rubbing me, I’m getting close…” Rachel says.

John just kisses her and returns to massaging her blonde pubic mound and her very wet pussy slit. He begins to alternate between sucking on her mouth and her boobs, savoring both. Rachel’s lips are full and luscious, while her nipples are long and very hard. They are nearly an inch long and John sucks so hard he begins to pull milk from her body.

“Oh my god John, your mouth feels so good on my breasts. Please keep sucking on them!” Rachel says in the throes of ecstasy.

John is only too happy to comply with her request and brings her to a shaking orgasm. As she cums all over his hand, John slips in three fingers as far as he can manage into her very hot and moist pussy. This propels Rachel’s orgasm into the stratosphere and her entire body is shaking for several minutes in convulsive twitching. John just makes sure to press hard on the rough bundle of nerves behind the pubic bone to keep her orgasm going.

Her orgasm is so strong that when she comes down from the peak of it, her muscles just won’t respond to her will, but she is content in the deepest way she’s ever felt. Someone could rape her now and she’d gladly take their cum deep inside her and have their babies.

John is very astute and observant with women and their sexual state. As soon as he figures out Rachel is about to reach that natural state of sexual bliss, he strips out of his clothes and gets naked in preparation.

“John, why are you naked?” Rachel asks when a portion of her senses return.

“It’s more comfortable this way and makes us both feel better,” John says vaguely.

“Oh. Okay John, thank you for making me feel so good,” Rachel replies with a smile on her face and a giggle.

John knows now is the time. He rolls himself on top of his drunk and sexually overstimulated employee, resting his weight on her lithe body.

“Mmmm… you’re definitely heavier than Ross, but I think you have more muscle,” Rachel says.

John just nods, reaches down and lines up his cock at the entrance to her quivering pussy. Not wasting any time or squandering an opportunity, John presses into her with his full weight.

“Uugghh… what is that? Oh my god! Your penis is inside my pussy!” Rachel says out loud.

“It’s okay Rachel, I know what I’m doing, John says as he begins to saw his cock in and out of his blonde employee’s very tight pussy.

“Oh… John… I’m glad… you… know what… you’re doing… but…” Rachel begins to say, but John speeds up his pumping and Rachel isn’t able to speak anymore. All she can do is hold on. She’s never felt such a large penis inside her body before.

As she gets fucked by her boss, Rachel can’t believe how different his penis feels from yours. When you enter her, she knows you’re there but there is never any discomfort. But with John she can feel him stretching her walls, and she can feel the veins and ridges of his shaft as he goes in and out of her. And the head of his penis hits her cervix hard each time his pubic bone hits hers.

John’s penis inside her body is like nothing she’s ever felt before. The only other man she’s ever been with was a guy she met her freshman year in college. He was a “bad boy” and had a motorcycle, and was very exciting. He seduced her and fucked her with his large penis. When she met you, you were soft and timid, and she got along well with you, but your penis is less than five inches long and she often longed for the large cock of her first fuck when she was making love to you.

This was why she wanted to come to the club to “spice” things up. She needed something to excite her and make her feel sexy again.

John’s very large penis makes the memory of her first lover’s penis feel small. Even though she knew her first lover was larger than you, John’s penis was so big she felt it was rearranging her internal organs down there.

John could not believe his luck. He had lusted after his beautiful blonde employee and had often imagined her in various scenarios where he’d get to fuck her with his big cock but this situation was a dream come true.

Finding Rachel already very stimulated by random strangers, her Jack-ass of a boyfriend allowing her to almost get seduced on the dance floor of a nightclub was an opportunity he could not pass up.

And now, he had his penis inside her blonde pussy and it was amazing. Her pussy felt like a velvet heat tunnel combined with an industrial vice grip. His cock was massaged and squeezed so hard by her he felt he could cum at any time. It takes all of his concentration to keep fucking her and not fill her with his sperm.