Collaborative sex stories let us write the plot together

(Her Secret Fantasy, continued by Ho...)

As John concentrates on holding back his orgasm, Rachel is trying her best to feel every inch and texture of John’s lovely penis inside her by squeezing her vaginal walls as hard as she can. She feels so much of him this way and it gives her so much pleasure she forgets where she is and who she came with.

“Oh my god John, it feels so good. You feel so good…” Rachel utters as John continues to fuck her.

Catching a second wind, John flips them over so he can have her lean over him with her perky boobs. Sucking one in, he tastes milk and almost shoots his load deep inside her. John knew she still nursed her youngest child at night to “comfort” him but had not anticipated she might make some for him. Squeezing the base of his cock as tightly as he can, he feels one pulse of cum flow through his shaft into his employee’s unsuspecting and vulnerable pussy.

“Oh John did you just cum inside me? You know I’m not on any birth control…” Rachel says.

John takes a couple seconds to regain his composure and control over his cock and balls before saying, “No Rachel, I was holding it off. I’m still good to go.”

Although she did feel hot liquid shooting into her when John stopped pumping his penis into her, and was pretty sure he had deposited his sperm-filled cum directly on her cervix, she elected to ignore it and justify why she wasn’t jumping off of him instantly by the idea that his penis was still rock hard. If he had cum, his cock would deflate right away right? It always happened that way with you…

She told herself that there was maybe a fifty-fifty chance she was just inseminated by her boss, but that it was only just a little bit… like maybe what might come out as precum (that little bit was more than what you usually shoot into her when you cum) and that continuing to get pleasured by her boss was worth the risk.

“Oh okay, John… ooohhhhh… your penis is so good inside me!” Rachel says as she squeezes her vagina as hard as she can.

Rachel is proud of herself when John grunts in response to her vagina squeezing and mentally pats herself on her back and starts consciously squeezing in regular rhythm to John’s cock pumping in and out of her body.

John can feel his balls tighten up again and stops to hold his ejaculation from coming. Again he feels a jet of his cum coursing through his shaft to splash against Rachel’s insides. Rachel didn’t feel this even larger flow of John’s cum inside her because she was in the peak of an orgasm of her own. She can only think how much she appreciates how John is such a kind lover to hold still while she orgasms on his magnificent cock.

“Oh John… you’re so… so… oh my god…” Rachel moans in a deep erotic voice as a staccato of mini orgasms make it hard for her to speak properly.

It takes John a few minutes to recover but he switches from pumping in and out of her pussy to sucking on her boobs, sucking out and drinking her sweet mother’s milk. It takes John nearly ten minutes to suck her boobs dry but Rachel isn’t complaining.

She’s always been ultra-sensitive in her breasts and was always slightly shamed each time she breast fed her children because she would start to get wet between the legs and it made her feel like a bad person. This time she just enjoys the feeling of having John, with the suction power of a fully grown man, emptying her breasts. She can feel her milk glands going into overdrive as John sucks the milk from deep inside her two globes. Rachel feels so deliciously sinful.

Feeling the tell-tale signs of his balls about to erupt receding into the background as he feeds on the copious amounts of milk Rachel has produced, John resumes fucking her. He can feel his thick veiny shaft snaking it’s way deep into his blonde employee’s tight pussy which clamps down on him less now but with regular rhythm. John thinks how amazingly strong Rachel’s tight pussy was as the friction from her squeezing on his shaft makes it necessary for him to assert more power from his abs and glutes to pump in and out of her.

“Oh John, I’m gonna cum again!” Rachel says as he begins to feel her pussy flutter and squeeze him faster until it is just one long strong squeeze. The rest of Rachel’s body becomes taut as the endorphins and other reproductive chemicals being pumped into her body in abundance by her sexual organs propel her into heights of ecstasy that make her unable to think.